Why Should You Trust in Payroll Software?

There are many businesses that would rather entrust payroll partially to a bureau or go with a fully managed service, rather than take payroll in-house and manage things on their own. Often it is not an issue of cost, practicality, resources or convenience, but simply a matter of trust. If the company does trust its own resources and the ability of its staff to manage payroll correctly, then it doesn’t trust payroll software to be reliable enough, accurate enough or safe enough to do the job properly.

By not trusting the right UK payroll software and instead deciding to outsource, many businesses are doing themselves a disservice and may incur additional and unnecessary costs.. For larger businesses, businesses with a complex mix of hierarchies, departments, pay types and pay scales, and businesses that simply do not have the resources or the right staff to manage payroll in-house, outsourcing is often the right option. On the other hand, there are many companies not in this category that choose to outsource because they are misinformed and do not know the advantages that UK payroll software can bring.

Reasons why you should trust payroll software

You don’t have to trust any old software. HM Revenue & Customers performs extensive checks on commercial RTI payroll software with software companies that submit their products for testing, and then accredits software that passes their checks. These checks test that the software can submit payroll information in real time. Tests are also made for products that provide payroll calculations, and award a ‘Basic payroll values checked’ for software that can accurately handle common payroll taxes and statutory payments. You can be confident that any HMRC recognised UK payroll software is going to do the job properly.

Researching the software and the supplier

Of course, trust only does as far as your ability to understand the quality of a given payroll management application, and the company behind the application. This is where you should investigate on your own, for example, the background and history of the company, how satisfied existing customers are with the service (testimonials), and the quality of the support services provided. It is also good to check with online documentation to see how well the company support their customers, and to see if the company has an online blog.

Use your common sense and your intuition to understand how reputable the company is. There is no need to take the company’s word for it when you can research with consumer forums and consumer advice companies. There are number of awards that are given out in the realm of accounting software and payroll software, so these are worth checking out.

You should be perfectly able to trust any established RTI payroll software provider to provide software that performs as advertised and does the important job of payroll properly. It always helps to know exactly what you need from your software, and to research specific applications to get an idea of their quality.

John Anderson is a Business and Marketing Specialist, with over 20 years experience in payroll and accounting software for the UK and Ireland.