6 Ways an Efficient Call Centre Could Improve Your Productivity

First impressions count, and your call centre is the public face of your business, so an efficient call centre system is an essential tool in attracting customers. You also need to make the most of every business opportunity through your call centre to increase productivity. So how could an efficient call centre make a difference to your operations?

Outbound calling

Whether you are running a marketing campaign, doing market research, or liaising with existing customers, the performance of your outbound calling is crucial to your success. Modern call centre systems can provide a host of smart features enabling you to make the most of customer information. For example, predictive dialling and call blending maximises productivity even when call patterns fluctuate. A customisable script and integrated customer records help agents deal confidently with individual customers. Mobile status can also be displayed, avoiding time wasted by calling inactive numbers. Running your outbound calling competently can result in improved performance for your whole operation.

Inbound calling

Innovative call centre technology can ensure that calls are routed to the most relevant operator, minimising customer frustration, whilst the ability to play music or a recorded message to customers when waiting can reduce hang-up rates. Customers who have a positive experience when they call are likely to remain loyal to you.

Call recording

Recording calls for security or for operator training can be simple with an efficient call centre system. Call data can be analysed to identify areas for development or which agents need further support. Customer satisfaction surveys can also be integrated to give instant feedback, helping you to target your operations more effectively.

Cloud-based technology

Cloud storage means that you no longer need to house your own equipment and data, with all the inherent security risks this entails. A cloud-based call centre service can manage all your storage requirements, leaving you free to focus on your business saving you time and money.

Data security

Every business, large or small, has a duty to keep their customer’s data confidential. Data security has never been more important or more difficult to ensure, so opting for an external solution has many benefits. You have access to all the information you need, but none of the headaches of keeping it secure. Should you prefer an on-site system, you can opt for a secure call centre solution that gives you access to your own ‘storage area’ of the cloud.

Credit card processing

If you need the ability to process credit card transactions, you must also ensure that your system is compliant with PCI data security requirements. Accessing call centre services which provide a secure method of taking card data is the perfect solution. Customers enter their details using their keypad, with the details hidden from the agent. No data is stored on your system, and card details remain secure, making your operation fully PCI compliant. Modern call centre services can offer all this and much more, so ensuring your call centre operates efficiently will maximise your business opportunities and lead to greater success.

Nicola Wilson is a freelance writer currently working on behalf of www.magneticnorth.com. She has a wide range of experience writing for many different businesses and within a wide range of different sectors.