Boo! Using “Ghost” for Blogging

No, this article surprisingly isn’t about Halloween! As most of us are aware, WordPress is currently one of the internet’s largest sensations for internet blogging and article writing. Many people have developed websites completely off WordPress due to its numerous development apps and plugins. However, are bloggers getting the experience they truly desire with WordPress?

For some bloggers, WordPress is and will be the only website builder and blogging platform they need. However, for other bloggers, WordPress is just too complex and simplicity is desired over advanced functionality. That is where “Ghost” comes in handy.

What is “Ghost” for Blogging?

At the moment, Ghost is an experimental platform that engulfs the many pleasures of WordPress, Tumblr and other social platforms by taking their best features and removing other features that cause an onslaught of complexity. John O’Nolan inspired ideas for Ghost, but numerous individuals who decided to join the project created the overall platform with John.

In the beginning stages, Ghost is being developed specifically for smaller blogs. However, they intend to expand their overall blogging features for large-scale blogs, and companies who want to create the next “Tumblr or Mashable”.

Benefits of Ghost

Ghost might be easier to understand with an example. Let’s say law firm Katherman Briggs and Greenberg (KBG) wants to create a blog that is simple and allows for their customers and experts to create content for them based off their first-hand experiences with their lawyers. However, WordPress is just a system they feel is too complex and keeping up with it is far beyond the perplexity anyone at the company wants to handle.

This is where Ghost comes in and takes the lead.

As a midsize lawfirm, KBG could benefit from utilizing Ghost without feeling bombarded with a learning curve or having to hire outside assistance with the website.

With Ghost, KBG will be able to do the following immediately:

  • Open up to a Dashboard that actually benefits them. It will show the current time and place they are located in, top authors for the month (which incorporates number of posts created, comments, tweets and likes), live page views for the month, number of twitter followers and fluctuation of page views. This dashboard gives all pertain information without employees having to download extra plugins.
  • Manage posts with a split-view screen. If blog owners want to see what is being posted and would like to be able to edit content without having to do too much alternate tab openings or clicking the “Press to Go Back” button on their web browser, the split-view screen is an advantage. Ghost gives a split-view that allows the owners to stay within the admin tab and read pending posts.
  • Better content writing screen for authors to utilize ideas. WordPress does not allow for easy scripting ideas since you have to continuously go back and forth between HTML and Preview screens. Ghost will give authors a split-screen view between both so that authors can easily see what their posts are going to look like while they are coding it.
  • No learning curve if you know basic HTML. It is easy for owners and authors to utilize the system and allow for them to focus on blogging and not learning the system.
  • Additionally, KBG does not have to worry about monitoring comments if they do not have the time, which can sometimes be a nuisance for small businesses. While sometimes having comments is pertinent, many comment boxes are gateways to spam and negative comments by the same one or two users posing as different people.

Ghost is an outstanding, easy-to-use platform that will likely appeal to smaller businesses like KBG who are working on their own digital marketing and blogging in house. This isn’t to say WordPress isn’t a thing of the past but it’s good to know there’s other options out there!


Katie Elizabeth

Katie Elizabeth is a content coordinator and freelance blogger covering many topics including technology, blogging, WebpageFX SEO, career development, music, nonprofits and more. She focuses in many industries, like real estate, energy, used cat skidders and variable depth pools. She’s also a communications grad student. When she’s not writing, you can find her at a concert or playing with her new dog.