Creative Uses for Corporate YouTube

Has your company set up its own version of corporate YouTube? Whether your company has recently invested in an enterprise media platform or has set up a private channel on a video sharing site, you may wonder how you might use it to its full potential. Below are a few ideas for using your company’s corporate YouTube platform.

Hold a Webinar

If your media platform includes webinar services, hold a webinar to announce it and teach your team how to use it. Webinars aren’t just for marketers hawking the latest hot product; they’re an excellent way to present new information and conduct training sessions (Source:

Introduce Your Customers to the Team

It’s not unusual for the people who interact with your customers the most to have no idea who they are or what they’re all about. While your frontline sales reps may have a solid relationship with your biggest customers, the rest of your team can benefit from a video introduction. One way to do this would be to have each sales rep hold a live video meeting with the client and your customer service representatives to introduce each other. Not only can your CSRs benefit, your clients are likely interested in getting to know who they’re interacting with, too.

Brainstorm Ideas

Create a video “suggestion box” and invite everyone in the company to submit their ideas and suggestions. You may be surprised to find that some of the most creative suggestions come from people you might not have asked for input. Not only can you get fresh ideas for products, services, policies, improvements, potential sources of business, marking campaigns, recycling initiatives, and more, your employees will appreciate being asked and feel valued when their ideas are embraced and acted upon. Even if you don’t use any of the suggestions, make it fun and give out rewards for participation.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your new corporate YouTube program. Keep your eye out for even more ideas in your video suggestion box.

Mark Phillips is an expert in the IT industry and has worked with a variety of companies on improving webinar tools. Free feel to connect with him on Google+.