Eight Things Employees Need in Order to Perform Better

Although pay and benefits are important they only have a short term effect.

Increasing wages or offering better benefits does not make an employee perform at a higher level. To make an employee really care about your business as much as you do they need the following 8 things from you.


Although set routines can create excellence, every task or job doesn’t need set routines. Freedom and independence gain commitment and satisfaction. Every industry has room for a different more subtle approach to managing staff and where possible employers should give their employees the freedom and space to work the way they work best.


Hitting goals and targets are exciting. Every employee is that little bit competitive even if it is with themselves. By creating targets it creates a sense of urgency and purpose and adds that bit of excitement to even the most repetitive tasks. Without a goal to achieve work is purely work and we all know work sucks!


Every employee likes to be a part of something bigger and have their work and themselves become worthy of the words “fastest”, “best”, “highest quality”. Let your employees know what your goals are for your business and customers and give them the opportunity to create their own missions. To be able to care about something, you need to know what you are caring about and why.


Every employee has their own ideas and suggestions so why not listen to them, give them the opportunity to offer their suggestions if the idea is no good at this time explain why it won’t work now make them feel valued for their suggestions and ideas and before shooting them down remember this by putting employees down you create robots and robots don’t care.


Although every job should include freedom for employees it also needs expectations. By criticizing an employee for the way they handled a task this week even though last week they handled it with the same standards could face you loosing that employee. By setting expectations you make employees aware of how things should be done and any higher standard show great willing, determination and motivation to achieve more.


Employees work for people not paper. A short chat about family and friends, a nice word and a helpful hand are more important to an employee than formal meetings and evaluations


If a boss is quick to criticise and demanding it becomes easy to deal with if they are the same with every employee. While each employee should be treated differently they should also be treated fairly. In order to maintain consistently you should communicate with your employees to make them understand why certain decisions were made, making them less likely to assume they are being treated unfairly or somebody else is the favourite.


Every employee likes the idea of becoming something greater therefore each job must have the opportunity to lead on to something more.

Take the time to improve and progress your employees for positions someday they hope to fill. Tell them while you do it that someday they will be running this production area or managing that staff force. Ask them what their personal goals are? Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? Etc An employee will only begin to care about your business when you start to care about them.

About the author

This article was contributed by Michael Adams of Employment Law Answered. Michael has been working in employment law for many years and also consults on employee training, customer service and more. For further information please visit his website.