Escrow for the Digital Age

Whether small or large, any business arguably has a strong need and reliance on computers and the internet. Modern technology is crucial to most forms of work, so even someone who works at home will often have a strong reliance on certain areas.

As such, it helps to protect yourself against the various risks involved. Specifically, when it comes to computers, you can look to protect yourself with the likes of software escrow and registry data escrow; Escrow Associates are specialists in offering both.

Software escrow

For some lines of work, there may be a certain piece of software that is crucial. If you work from home, this software might be the vital link in productivity; without it, you might not be able to work. As such, it helps to protect yourself against the risk of such problems.

Software escrow works to protect you, putting the source code in safe hands. You still can’t access it as long as the provider keeps their end of the user agreement by providing a working product but if this fails, an escrow agency can be quick to determine this and deliver the source code and information you need to continue. When it comes to a crucial business, such as working from home, every hour you can’t work can cost you money.

Registry data escrow

Likewise, it’s paramount for anyone to have an online presence today. People need to find you, so having the right domain of your own is crucial. The control and management of domains falls under the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. As such, there are some guidelines and requirements that need to be met.

When it comes to top-level domains (theses include the likes of “.com” and are often sought after), ICANN requires users to send daily amounts of data, in the form of WHOIS data, to a secure escrow. As such, if you’re looking to get the best domain and registry available, you need an escrow company to store this data.

It also helps to have a secure escrow agency you can trust, with technical experience in keeping data secure. Escrow Associates have experience in this and other means of testing your online safety, such as penetration testing. Between these various systems, you can effectively protect yourself and your business from a variety of risks.