Harness The Power of the Wind

Great businesses adapt and change with the changing world. What is more dynamic in the world today than climate change? Governments and business everywhere are looking for ways to deal with climate change in a manner that will make them more profitable while helping to lessen the impact of their footprint on the world. In particular, the generation of power in an ever increasing computer based existence. Check out what Siemens is looking to do.

I’m a big believer in wind power alternatives. And while many (in the US) look at wind as a drop in the bucket, I think you can scale wind power generation to huge proportions when you think about setting up wind fields in the ocean. You can work with vast expanses of open water, with gigantic windmills (turbines), and generate significant enough power to take care of entire cities. Those companies that build these will be in great shape in the global economy. Those the move this power in to the grid will also be in great shape. Those who whine about the feasibility of such ventures will likely be “former” companies as we move in the middle of the 21st century. Left behind by their own stubborn ideals.

It’s a new world. We need new, innovative ideas.