How Cloud Solutions Can Help Your Business be More Efficient

The term ‘cloud solutions’ has been knocking around for a few years now, but, where businesses are concerned, implementing these solutions is a relatively modern phenomenon.

Of course, there are some businesses that are ahead of the curve, but the vast majority remain stuck in the Dark Ages and prefer to stick with what they know. If you’re a business owner or key decision-maker however, here we offer up a couple of very compelling reasons why you should embrace cloud solutions and how they can help your business grow in efficiency.

All the storage you need

In this new knowledge economy, the sheer volume of data available to businesses is truly staggering. Every business decision can be made after analysing metaphorical reams of information, which takes the guesswork out of the equation and gives each and every decision made a much greater chance of success.

With all of this data, however, comes the need for storage. And that involves an ever-increasing number of hard drives and servers. By using cloud-based solutions, however, not only can you store an almost infinite amount of data, it also frees up much valuable physical storage space, ensuring that you can make the most of every square foot of space in your offices.

Cost savings

The goal of any commercial business is to make money; it’s really that simple. From a purely financial perspective, therefore, cloud solutions offer businesses the opportunity to make huge savings.

With less space taken up by physical hardware on-site, as a company grows there’s more room for the most valuable resource of that any business has at its disposal: the people that it employs. After all, it’s these people who drive the innovation that ultimately leads to profitability.

In addition, cloud-based solutions represent a huge cost saving in raw financial terms, with enormous volumes of storage capacity for all sorts of data offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional business data storage solutions.


With the financial benefit of cloud solutions to businesses covered, convenience is also a huge selling point for business owners and key decision-makers.

Mobile working is no longer a luxury for business people – it’s a necessity. The ability to remain connected, via laptops, smartphones and tablets, has become embedded in commercial culture. And cloud-based solutions mean that employees of any business can access all manner of data from any device, whether it is email, using a service like Mimecast, or something as simple as keeping the company Twitter stream up to date.


Security is, and should be, a huge concern for a company of any size. After all, companies increasingly tend to deal in highly personal and sensitive data. The reality, however, is that this data can easily be compromised and accessed by those with the will to elicit such information.

Cloud email security, however, changes all that, by offering a service that encrypts all of your company’s valuable data and ensure it’s no longer vulnerable to spam, viruses, malware, phishing and data leaks.

With associated cost savings, space conservation, convenience and unparalleled security, cloud-based solutions really do offer businesses of any size the ultimate data storage solution, helping your business to realise its true potential by improving its efficiency.