How POS Tech is Changing Nightclub Marketing and Cloakrooms

One of the worst things about clubbing and any place that involves you leaving in your jacket or bag to a cloakroom is the risk of it becoming lost. There are few things worse at the end of a night out than finding out your jacket is lost or worse, has been taken by someone else.

Nightclubs are notoriously busy places, in addition they’re commonly dark and also full of people who can often be a little the worse for wear. In short, finding a fool proof system to lower the chances of clothing being lost, left behind and limit the element of human error is great.

So, how about a cloak room ticketing solution that uses the very latest technology to prevent such issues? CloakKeeper is just that. The technology uses a mixture of HD cameras, a ticketing system that utilises point of sale technology and a mixture of data and marketing information to keep tabs on people’s details and ensure they are contactable should they leave their coats behind in the cloakroom.

How does it Work

Well, it’s quite simple. Users leave in their coats and during the process the system takes an image of the person and the item they are leaving into the cloak room. In addition, information regarding names, numbers and emails can be entered – this can be used if they forget their item to get in touch. This information can also be used for marketing. The person is then issued with a ticket and the row and rail are entered on this and on the system too.

When the person comes back at the end of the evening, they simply hand in the ticket and then a number is entered or the ticket is scanned. This shows the clerk the whereabouts of the jacket. They can then return the item to the owner.

Other Benefits

In addition, this software, like that from, displays information on items not redeemed and this list can be filtered in a number of ways. Information on items left over a set period, by name or phone number can be brought up on-screen. Items will be displayed with a photo and anything else required such as an incident can be noted beside the information. All of this information can be set up to run across a range of systems if needs be.


The other great thing about these systems is the marketing benefits they can offer. Systems such as CloakKeeper take numbers and information from customers and this can be used for upcoming events and promotions that take place. So, for instance promo nights, venue line ups and any other relevant information can be sent to the individual. It’s a fantastic way for venues to capture audiences.


Of course, like any good POS system, these systems can also offer reports and track sales, profits and a whole range of different information. This can all be filtered by hours, minutes and other info and there are all sorts of security precautions in place to prevent info getting into the wrong hands – complete security is offered.

As you can imagine this sort of technology greatly increases customer satisfaction, makes life easier for workers and also is a great tool for marketing purposes as it allows users to garner a range of relevant information that can be utilised in the future.