Is Your Business Under Threat from Information Gathering and Surveillance?

In a competitive economy, protecting your business’ confidential information and intellectual property is imperative.

However, ensuring that your private meetings and business communications are secure does not have to cost a fortune.

Banham Close Protection’s Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) service integrates the latest technologies, industry best practices and highly experienced and professionally trained personnel to combat the growing threat of corporate espionage and illegal monitoring. Furthermore, a full written report of findings and recommendations is supplied in order to provide you with complete peace of mind.

So, what situations pose the biggest threat to a company’s information?

Meeting Rooms are not Secured

If high-level internal and client meetings are held on your premises it is vital that you keep the meeting rooms secure when they are not in use. If they are accessible at all times then you cannot be sure that a surveillance device has not been hidden in the room.

Ensure that all rooms used for confidential conversations are kept locked and secure when not in use and only allow a small number of individuals access.

You are Conducting a Meeting Off-site

This situation poses one of the biggest risks to confidentiality. When you are holding a meeting at an external location you cannot be sure of the room’s security and indeed whether it has been compromised.

Banham Close Protection can carry out TSCM at any location nationwide to guarantee the security of the information and business dealings discussed.

Working from Home

Although you may think that you are working in privacy, from home, it poses yet another opportunity for competitors to gather confidential information. With this in mind, it is important to carry out a sweep of your home on a regular basis as well as the company’s actual premises.

As technology has improved and costs have come down, economic espionage has become a greater problem for 21st Century businesses. With the margins between success and failure small within a challenging economy, it is more important than ever to ensure that your confidential information and intellectual property is and remains secure.

This guest post was written by John Rooney on behalf of Banham Close Protection – technical surveillance counter measures specialists.