PR for Solicitors and Barristers

Having a good profile is one of the basic essentials needed for winning new business in today’s market. A profile designed by a PR team captures all the positive elements of the client and readies them for public scrutiny. Solicitors and barristers presenting a good profile are more likely to get new business and retain existing accounts. The public places great faith in advisors with a good profile and a good public image.

Most successful leaders in today’s society have their images designed by PR teams like the professionals at Black Letter PR. Going beyond the mere appearances of a candidate, the Black Letter PR team will develop a winning profile for the candidate to boost his firm’s image in the public’s eye.

Solicitors and barristers who want to expand their clientele at an affordable cost should consult the Black Letter Team. They specialize in, and are dedicated to working within the legal fraternity; drawing wanted attention to these legal service providers. Black Letter PR will create a game plan for the barrister or solicitor, one that coordinates all media elements so that they get to work together to produce a desired marketing strategy.

Capitalising on their years of experience, a barrister or solicitor can develop a commanding profile by adopting their planned strategies and marketing techniques. The Black Letter PR team know the sensitive boundaries that are established by the legal profession, that govern what they considered acceptable practices and conduct.

Their PR strategies to support barristers and solicitors vary with each individual; much will depend on the existing profile of the client and their specific needs. By preparing outstanding media-releases that highlight the client’s achievements, their profile is spotlighted. Besides being good strategic planners, they are also prepared to handle the unavoidable mishaps that frequently occur in life.

All of the fundamentals of a good profile lay within the barrister or solicitor’s character. The PR team soon brings them to the surface usually through one-on-one brainstorming sessions. Developing concepts originating from the client the PR team plans strategies to better market the individual.

Tactics for engaging the plan involve planned speaking engagements, ‘expert situation’ commentary, professional opinions and article placement. These are tried and tested tools; some more modern methods include the use of blogs and social media in general, search engine results and other electronic networks. The experienced PR consultants at Black Letter PR use these and other tools to place client’s profile where they will best benefit from it.

Chief Executive Officer, Kerry Jack, is the team leader. She is a seasoned PR consultant with over 18 years of experience. She has held senior positions at the City University of London, the Department for Work and Pensions, Lloyds TSB and Ernest & Young. The firms Strategic Consultant is Neil Rose, a leading legal journalist and legal services commentator. Neil is the main PR strategist for Black Letter PR’s team.

There is more to good PR than a nice ‘press release’. They know how to combine older tried and tested PR methods with the latest electronic techniques that transmit media worldwide in only a few seconds.

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