The Importance of Name Badges for Businesses Today

It wasn’t too long ago that everyone knew your name when you went shopping or out to eat at a local restaurant. The small town feel of the little cities across the country has given way to the hustle and bustle of busy urban cities. People have lost that connection to each other that was such an important part of living in a small town. There is a way however, to recreate that small town feeling, and to help businesses grow in ways that are extremely cost effective. Here is how the simple name badge can have a significant effect on how your business grows.

When a person goes out to eat dinner, many times the server has many other tables to handle, is in the middle of a triple shift, and had a bad night which is causing them to basically run around like a chicken without a head. Not knowing your servers name simply means you take your food, say thanks and many times leave without ever wanting or knowing who that person was. The name badge puts a name to the face and gives the customer the feeling that a friend is part of the dining experience. When the server says his name is Dylan, and every time he visits your table you are reminded Dylan is your server because of his name tag, you are more likely to treat Dylan as a friend. You will ask Dylan for help, ask Dylan how his day is, and reward Dylan for excellent service. You feel a personal connection to Dylan and the ultimate result of being personal to Dylan is that he will in turn treat you much nicer because he fells you genuinely care. A win win for both server and customer.

Shopping in the mall or department stores can have the same result when employees make use of name badges at work. When you have a problem with a product or service, you a less likely to treat an employee harshly when you know there name. When you know the name of the employee and begin your conversations with their name, the lines of communication seem to open more freely and the end result usually goes in the favor of the customer. You are more likely to lose your cool with an employee when you don’t know their name.

Airport counters, car rentals and food vendors all understand the importance of name tags. Besides having the name of the company on the tag which instill confidence that they are dealing with a professional, the personalized name lets the consumer approach the employee in a friendlier way. Employers understand that you are more likely to have a pleasant experience with a friend than a total stranger, and a personalized name tag gives the feeling you have a friend in your corner to help.

When utility workers need to make house calls, you are more likely to allow a person in your home that has a proper name tag and identification than had someone in a suit and tie or uniform approached your door. That small piece of plastic instills confidence that the person you are dealing with is a representative of a credible company.

Mike Swanson is a keen business blogger and has contributed to various blogs and websites offering advice on brand awareness.