Tips for Affordable Office Redesign

Revamping your professional space can be a good opportunity to impress customers, update your style, and, most importantly, develop your brand. But remodeling can be costly and finding your voice through design can be hard with a stressed budget. Here are some ideas on how to save revenue when enhancing your office.

Double Dip Marketing and Design

Instead of spending thousands on signs or placards with your company logo on them, consider using your space’s standard decorations to display your brand. First, make sure your color scheme is reminiscent of your chosen brand colors, probably those in your logo. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you need to put loud colors all over your walls; accent colors used in furniture or lamps are more than sufficient to recall your logo to mind. For a reusable wall covering, consider having your logo or a relevant photo printed on a wall mural to reinforce your brand in a budget-friendly way. Also consider using photos of your business’s history or well-made poster ads in frames as a form of art.

Use of Light

To reduce the cost of your electric bill, halogen bulbs are a good first step. If you want to take it a step further, utilize your natural light by only using sheer window treatments. These will allow light to come through while blocking glare and diffusing natural light, which conveys a feeling of openness and freshness to customers. To enhance this effect, frame some large mirrors to place around the walls- this will bounce the light around the room, decreasing the amount of artificial light you need to pump money into. Depending on your type of business, stick-on window promotions can also help filter in desired amounts of natural light.

Make a Business Friend

Making connections is a skill that every entrepreneur should have. When trying to save on remodeling, approach other businesses for help getting supplies. Whether you want to partner with them for marketing campaigns or are looking for a simple trade of resources, other business owners are likely as interested in gaining a relationship with you as you are with them. As a bonus, you’ll be strengthening your ties in your community. Acknowledging your partnership may also be mutually beneficial as you can reach customers of theirs that you may not have previously marketed to and vice versa.

Reclaimed and Artistic Pieces

While many pieces of reclaimed art and recycled materials tend to cost more than standard furnishings and ornaments, there are plenty of artists who are willing to make commissioned pieces for surprisingly little money. Especially if you’re willing to attach some kind of acknowledgement of the artist to the piece in question, they might want the visibility of being displayed in a high traffic office.

Cost Effective Feng Shui

If you’re rearranging your work area, be mindful of where your desks or meeting areas are in relation to vents and windows. You’re more likely to jack up the heater if you’re next to a large window during winter, just like you’re more likely to need to turn on the A/C if you’re in the sun during summer. Be smart about seating to save a little extra.

Most of these tips can be managed in a way that will not only save money, but improve the standing of your brand. From lowering your electricity use to reusing materials for furniture and art, you can foster an eco-friendly facet of your brand personality. Companies that are ethically-minded have an edge over competitors, so be sure to give some PR to your eco- and budget-friendly efforts.

Author Info:

Chris Garrett is a writer and designer for wallpaper mural supplier, Megaprint. He’s been helping businesses incorporate branding and marketing into artful design for decades.