Using Apps to Convert and Print PDF Files

Everybody uses applications these days, or ‘apps’ as they are popularly called. You use apps on your phone, your computer and your tablet. Life is simpler and easier when you have a million apps to do your various tasks. From helping in organising your work life to your personal tasks, there is not an answer but an app to everything. In your worklife too, there are many applications that get your work done for you. For example, PDF documents are the most commonly used file formats in the business. The flexibility and ease of PDF has made it popular in all sectors. Since PDF files are not easy to edit, there are apps which can help you work your way around it. If you are looking on a solution as to how to combine PDF files,then rest assured there are applications for that too.

Using applications, you can convert your PDF file to any format. Usually, the most common extension is the Word document because people need to edit pdf files sometimes.

Using apps to covert PDF files

There are different kinds of converter applications that are available online. Some are free and hence very basic software. The paid ones are more complex and allow greater customisation and better quality output as well. Whether you get a free app or a paid one depends on how much you are going to be using it.

Most of the free apps like Able2Extract PDF Converter and File Converter can be used on all devices, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS. The former even converts Power Point files and is hence very useful. If you are looking to convert a page from a website into PDF then Web to PDF is a good app to use on the Android platform. You have to use the Dolphin browser to do so. For editing and converting pdf files, there is also the Wondershare PDF Editor. Most of these applications will be your answer on how to combine PDF files.

Using apps to print PDF documents

Printing pdf files from your smartphone isn’t as complicated a process as you think it is. Here are a few useful apps to help you achieve that. Most of these apps have multipurpose features which make them really useful for different platforms as well as formats. Some of these apps are available for a nominal price.

There is Canon Easy Photo Print which is an excellent free app for printing photos not just from your Apple phone but from your camera as well. If you want to print documents from your online links then there is PDF PROvider which can be bought for a $6.99.

For a useful multipurpose application, go for Document Writer. This is also a word processor app. The best feature about this software is that it has the airprint. This means that you can print a document on a Wi-fi network. Again, this app would only cost you $3.99.

Another multipurpose document printer and reader is Simply Share. The USP of this is that the app can read not only pdf files but also html, rtf, csv, and even image files. You can print all these documents using this application.

These apps are some of the most popular ones in the business. They are all very highly ranked and based on recommendations by users. You can use these not only for work but also for academic purposes as well. Your work will become a less complicated and you will get conversions and printing done much faster than usual.

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