5 Components of a Successful Social Media Campaign for Dental Practices and Small Businesses

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and My Social Practice recently teamed up to deliver a comprehensive whitepaper to help cosmetic dentistry practices develop a winning social media strategy.  When you download the whitepaper, you’ll discover five important ways to start your social media campaign, grow your existing one and make every future social media effort really count.

A great thing about this whitepaper is that it’s full of great insight, for cosmetic dentist practices, non-cosmetic dental practices AND small businesses in general.  That’s right – even if you have no connection to the dental biz, you can learn how to build a winning social media campaign with the best practices in this whitepaper.

After reading the 27-page whitepaper titled Dental Social Media Marketing Success: The 5 Must-Have Components, you’ll have built a foundation of understanding necessary for starting a new SM campaign or invigorating an existing one.

While you can download the entire whitepaper for free, at your leisure, I think it’s important that you have an easy, broken-down list of the 5 must-have components of social media success.  Which is why I wrote this article.  Think of it as a means of reminding yourself of the awesome insight in the whitepaper when you don’t feel like skimming the 27-page document.

Read on, enjoy and don’t ignore the awesome benefits of starting a social media campaign.

[Click here to download the whitepaper]

5 Components of a Successful Social Media Campaign

Component #1: In-Practice Support

When you start your social media campaign, don’t expect great content to grow your SM network on its own.  To grow a network, you need people – not just great content.  And there’s no better way to do this than reaching out to people on your team.

With the support of your business’s entire staff, you can create a solid base of social media followers, fans and readers.  Your staff will connect with their friends and family, and their friends and family will connect to their friends and family.  It’s a great domino-effect-like tactic for starting any social media campaign.

Important things to remember:

  • Patients trust care providers the most.  Use care providers to create content like informative and fun videos and pictures for sharing.  This will show patients that the practice cares as much about their employees as they do, which is very important.
  • Encourage employees to spread the word outside the social media sphere.  At family get-togethers, church, soccer matches, happy hours, etc.
  • Support your staff’s efforts with products that promote your practice and its SM campaign.

SM Success Tip #2: Participation

It’s important to participate as much as your patients on your various social media outlets.  First and foremost, you should control the conversation.  It doesn’t work the other way around.  For instance, when you post about an exciting event or promotion, people respond.  This is where the conversation and virality spark.  It rarely ever works the other way.  Patients usually won’t go out of their way to start the conversation for you.

Create the excitement with active participation and your SM success will soar.

Important things to remember:

  • Start a competition.  Encourage patients to participate by posting post-procedure photos on Instagram, Facebook, etc.  Whoever takes the best photo wins a cool prize.
  • Make a personal video for your patients.  Simply record a video that gives useful advice or simply reminds your patients that you care.  After recording the video, post it to your social media platforms for all to see.  Do this weekly or even every day.
  • Make Testimonials.  This is what Jenny Miller in Lexington, KY does.  She makes video testimonials, posts them on YouTube and shares them on her other social media accounts.  They’re effective at giving consumers the push they need to make an appointment and provide an excellent source of content.

SM Success Tip #3: Content

Great content is the driving force of a successful social media campaign.  Content is what captures people’s attention and causes them to invest time learning about your company.  Without content, people have no reason to look up.  They’ll go about their day without ever have noticing your business’s presence.

The more content, the better!  High quality content, that is.  Content that’s educational, interesting, helpful and, sometimes, just fun and upbeat.

Important things to remember:

  • Contribute to your blog frequently.  Blog posts with comment sections encourage regular conversation between patient and practice.   More blog posts equal more chances for conversations to occur.
  • Only post content that’s worthy.  If you post anything but content that’s educational, interesting, helpful, fun, etc., you’re more likely to lose followers, fans and readers.

SM Success Tip #4: Online Tools

To get the most benefit of your social media campaign, only take advantage of the most popular and relevant social media platforms, a.k.a. online tools.  Also, once you create a profile on a platform, don’t let it slide.  Try to give each social media profile equal love.  You’ll obviously have one that’s more popular, but, even so, never forget about the “little guys.”  Even though they’re still in the growing stages, they’re still full of potential.

Here are the social media platforms you should take advantage of:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Also, don’t forget about the importance of a website and email marketing campaign.  These are perhaps the best ways outside of the social media sphere to build awareness and interest.

SM Success Tip #5: Consistency and Practice

No social media campaign starts out popular.  It starts out small and gradually builds.  The more consistent you are with building connections and churning out useful, fun content, the faster the online audience you crave will be achieved.

Support your social media campaign with good intentions and an honest heart and you’ll build a social media following that’s faithful, responsive, fun and lucrative.

Robert Gibb is a writer who produces valuable web content and web copy for visionaries at Visionary Copy.  He also loves his dentist and social media.