6 Awesome Corporate Offices

Although millions of Americans still do their daily work in cubicles, the 21st century has introduced thousands of forward-thinking office managers and designers to the workplace, leading to huge innovations in both office design and employee management. Here are six of the best office designs we’ve seen in the US:

Facebook – Palo Alto, California

Designed using suggestions posted by Facebook employees on – guess where – Facebook, their Palo Alto office is full of wide, open working spaces and relaxation areas to enjoy some downtime. Modern furniture, plenty of space for recreational activities, gorgeous art spread across the walls: Facebook’s Palo Alto office is a playground for the employees of the world’s biggest social network.

Parliament – Portland, Oregon

Full of recycled wood (and other products), creative outfitter Parliament’s office in Oregon is a study in simplicity, a beautiful combination of white walls and wooden furniture and upholstery, a fantastic, sustainable way to devise an office for a small, forward-thinking business. Sure, it’s not like buying a new desk from Staples, but there’s no denying the benefits to the earth of reusing old materials to create a new office, something Parliament took to heart when designing their latest headquarters.

Twitter – San Fransisco, California

Who wouldn’t want to work in an office with a yoga studio, an arcade, and a massive rooftop garden? When Twitter moved their offices into downtown San Fran, they brought a lot of interesting ideas about workplace space along with them. And they aren’t just designing an office for the inside of the building (which is pretty easy to do, with all-in-one personal office solutions at Quill): they’re attempting to kickstart a downtrodden neighborhood, even working with the city to improve transit within the area, like adding a new police substation and dedicated biking lanes for local commuters.

Square – San Francisco

Last week, Square showed off their new San Fran digs on Market St., occupying over 150,000 feet for 500 of its employees only a block away from the office Twitter opened a block away in 2012. The design is simple, elegant, and all about detail, be it custom-designed standing stables (check out Office Depot for some great alternatives for your office) and a fancy coffee bar. Top it off with 9-foot tall windows showing off the city’s beautiful neighborhoods and hills, the Square office is the definition of a “modern” workspace.

Google – New York, New York

Located on 9th Avenue, Google’s NY office is a love letter written to the city that houses it: from conference centers designed like tiny city studio apartments to walls designed to look like a busy Times Square intersection, Google’s office tries to capture the personality and vibrancy of New York and it’s five boroughs. And it’s also fun, from climbing ladders to get to the fifth floor, or digging into the massive digital library and hidden reading space they have in the office library.

Apple – Cupertino

Apple is still in the process of working out the development details (like getting approval) to build Campus 2, but we’d be silly not to mention it amongst these other well-designed, creative ideas for corporate office. One of Steve Job’s last announced projects, Campus 2 features an iconic design and new direction for Apple’s corporate headquarters, a visionary design that would cost $5 billion and house over 14,000 Apple employees in all divisions. Indulgent – or innovative? The debate will continue long after Apple breaks ground (if given permission) on their state-of-the-art complex – one thing is for certain, though: Apple continues to think way, way outside the box, whether its in personal technology or business architecture.

By Allison Preston. Allison is an avid shopper and an experienced writer with a passion for deals and coupons and for saving her readers money. She currently writes for leading coupon and online promo code site bluepromocode.com based in Santa Monica, California.