7 Ways To Make Your Content Less Boring

Say what you may, the content of a website is the most important factor influencing its success. These days, the Internet is flooded with information and the World Wide Web’s content resource is so huge that it’s impossible to read just about everything there. That being said, people are always on the lookout for content that interesting and catch their fancy. Read on to find out about 7 ways to make your content less boring.

Make It As Visually Appealing As You Can

You may have heard the phrase “A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words” and that’s extremely true when it comes to web content as well. People often get bored when they see pages and pages of information without pictures, animations or some sort of color to it. Therefore, add as many pictures, videos and interactive elements as you can. Play around with the color and font of your text so that it appears more attractive. Having said that, you should also note that you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your written content as that’s what’s going to keep the readers hooked and make you appear on major search engines.

Opt For A Different Take On A Subject

Always give your content an angle that is fresh and original. With the plethora of information people have access to, it is very likely that they may just flip through your website without even reading your content if they don’t find it interesting. One way to avoid that is by giving a unique angle to the topic you’re dealing with. This will keep your reader engaged, forcing him to read on till the end.

Write on Topics Everyone Can Relate To

This doesn’t mean you change your genre of writing. For example, you don’t have to change writing business topics to fashion topics just because everyone relates to fashion. Within business content, write stuff that even a person who doesn’t understand the nuances of business deals finds your article interesting enough to read on. Include day-to-day life information that everyone can relate to.

Connect Your Content To The Latest Headlines

Readers always want to know what’s the latest happenings around the world and when your content offers them information about this, it makes your work less boring. Added information that’s real-time always helps in breaking the monotonous way in which articles generally present information.

Share on Social Networking Sites

It’s important to share your content on social networking site. This not only increases the popularity of your work and gets your traffic, it also makes your articles or blog posts more visible for others to read.

Don’t Sound Like You’re Trying To Sell Something

Even if you are, never make your content seem like you’re desperately trying to sell your readers something. Readers often find content that has a sales pitch to it very boring as it hardly has anything worth reading except for trying to convince you to buy something.

Don’t Write When You’re Not In The Mood


This is a very important factor many writers tend to overlook. If you feel like you don’t want to write but just do it to get over with the job, your boredom shows in your content. Readers quickly realize that the writer has forcefully created the content and this immediately turns them off. Therefore, you should always write when you’re in the mood for it.

Dave Ken is an SEO consultant at IBOXSEO. He also likes to share tips on content marketing and social media. Head over to iBoxSEO.org for more tips on SEO and SEM.