How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business

Plenty of people often turn to tutoring once they have retired, or sometimes if they’re just after a break from the 9-5 job. This is a great way to stay in tune with what it is you love, and you get to pass your gift and teach others what it is that you know. It can be a very rewarding job!

Whether you want to set your own math tutor business, cooking class or teach sewing, you need to apply similar principles when you’re setting up your business.

There is an ever-increasing demand for supplemental education in a lot of major cities across the globe. Your students will be after extra training, extra practice and looking to further their knowledge on a particular subject, in most cases they will be preparing for an exam.

So how do you get your business started? This depends upon your current situation and experience, if you’re already a teacher and you have access to potential students, you’re already one step ahead. There’s always people that want to learn maths, improve on their English and better their Science, if you’re looking to tutor for one of the core subjects you’ll have no issue getting pupils.

You should set up a good website, if you want to look really professional, you should definitely hire a great web designer and developer to do this for you. You have to look credible and nowadays, everyone will head online as their first port of call. Your website can be the difference of you getting students or not.

You should start advertising and promoting your service immediately. If you have already tutored some people, ask them to do a review, this looks great online! In general, you’re looking at around 2 – 3 months to get your business up and running.

Now a lot of tutors will earn a varied amount of money. However, certain tutors, like great maths tutors are very hard to come by, therefore they earn more money. The amount you will earn entirely depends on the subject you’re going to teach, how many pupils you have and how often your tutor. You shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money by doing minimal part-time work, if you really want to make a business out of this, get your student’s talking! Recommendations are one of the best ways to build business.

So more importantly, how  much are you going to charge? For an hour, tutors will usually charge around £30. If you have a regular set of clients, or even start off with two a day. That’s a total of £300 a week, which all in all, isn’t bad for your first start up tutoring business.

Tutoring can be a lot more stimulating that actually teaching in schools. When you teach a class full of pupils, you’re bound to get the odd one or two that make life difficult for everyone else. When you’re doing one to ones, you know that this student wants to be there and wants to learn directly from you.

This is fulfilling for both the tutor and pupil.