15 Benefits of Working in a Uniform or Name Badge Job

At school we used to customize and embellish our uniform to make ourselves stand out from the crowd. We’d wear a punk rock pin badge on our tie, and we’d defiantly wear pink, purple, green, blue shoelaces to give our boring Hush Puppies a little more “edge”.

Now I’d give anything to go back to knowing what I’ll be wearing every day for the foreseeable future.

Here are 15 reasons why wearing uniform is so much more awesome than wearing your own clothes in a professional setting.

  1. The competition for work-place fashionista is null and void if you’re all wearing the same thing.
  2. People can’t tell if you’ve worn the same clothes two days or even five days in a row.
  3. You don’t need to feel bad about being accused of forgetting someone’s name because everyone looks the same (unless you’re wearing a name badge).
  4. Not having to plan your outfit daily is one less thing to worry about in the morning. Leaving you more time to watch gripping morning TV!
  5. Less laundry – more time to eat cake!
  6. If you live in the UK, and wear a work uniform, AND you have to wash, repair or replace it yourself, you may be able to claim a uniform tax rebate. Check Money Saving Expert’s guide to see if you’re eligible.
  7. You can become a human billboard at conferences or marketing events – that’s great if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do!
  8. It’s all about equality man – The Mean Girls and their wear pink Wednesdays can jog on!
  9. You’ll feel like you belong to a really cool gang – the sort of gang that all works peacefully under one roof and isn’t one of those “violence” gangs.
  10. If you think about it, a uniform is sort of like getting a tailored suit. It’s custom made, emblazoned with a logo and tailored to your proportions – who’s rolling with the big guns now?
  11. You’ll never make a fashion faux pas – but if you forget part of your core uniform in a meeting then you’ll look stupid.
  12. If part of your job requires travel, you’ll save on packing time and free up luggage space! Now where’s the duty free….
  13. A uniform is so much easier to accessorise! Never again will you have a meltdown over the blue or the pink one!
  14. You’re less likely to make impulse purchases. You wardrobe will be a lot more cohesive so you’re less likely to buy something only to wear it once.
  15. An ultimately, you’ll be saving a heap of cash on work clothes. So if I were you, I’d pity those splurging on designer garments when you’ve got your trusty work clobber!

Produced by James, who used to work in uniform, and used to have a cool staff badge with a dog on it, but sadly now has to wear his own clothes to work.