How Outsourcing can Work for Small Business

Even though a lot of services tend to be outsourced in this day and age, there are some that small businesses should outsource but don’t tend to. IT support, accounting and marketing are often outsourced, but it has taken time for customer services and virtual services to achieve the same level of outsourcing frequency.

However, it can be very beneficial and provide businesses with a range of benefits and cost savings that they wouldn’t get from keeping the traditional alternative.


Outsourcing is the perfect way to cut down on the need for bodies and all the expenses that go with them. A lot of businesses tend to hire full time people and part time people, though could get greater benefit from outsourcing services.

Virtual receptionists for instance can be on call all day every day, but you only tend to pay for the service when it’s used. Often this means paying a small amount as a subscription and then the price of the call time or some similar equivalent. This means that you only really pay for the service you use and if your business is not extremely busy this can mean a lot of savings.

Cutting Costs

A lot of jobs that are taken up with full time employees could be outsourced. In fact, studies have shown that savings of over 50% are easily had on an equivalent job that’s outsourced. Businesses shouldn’t just take the cost of the salary into account, but also extras such as health and dental insurance, vacation pay, sick days and unemployment insurance. If you’ve to pay for a pension plan, it’s also going to cost a lot more and these things tend to really add up and make outsourcing a very viable alternative to paying for a person full time that doesn’t necessarily need to be.

Keeping in Touch

Hiring virtual service providers means you only pay for a set rate and only for that service. There are none of these extras and this allows small businesses to be flexible. It’s a lot easier than it was in the past too. Thanks to services such as IM, Skype, email and video conferencing – outsourcing is easily achieved and easy to keep tabs on. In the past when letters and phone calls were all there was, it was certainly a different story, but not so much now.

Of course, no matter where you are it’s also very easy to hire the best providers. So, if you’re looking for someone to provide a virtual service, it’s possible to have the best in the world provide for you. The flexibility in this regard is amazing and it really removes the limitations of geography.

All Day – All Night

It also doesn’t matter what time of the year it is or time of the day, you can find people who can perform those tasks as and when you need them. Whether you want someone to answer your phones all day, each day or to work at Christmas – there’s no problem as you’ll easily find someone through outsourcing and using virtual services.

Even though outsourcing has had a number of negative connotations in the past, things have changed. In fact, it’s manner with which to get the best people at the right price and make the most of your business.