Mining Data!

It seems that every company of any size now is just accumulating huge amounts of data in the current market. So much data that I wonder if they can even grasp everything they have.  It seems the phrase Big Data is destined to become the buzzword of mainstream media this year.

But what does all of this data mean?

It means absolutely nothing if you can’t decipher it.  Bits, bytes, megabytes, terabytes of 0′s and 1′s dating up space in the cloud.  We really need smart systems and tools to help us use the data.

Data mining is the way we describe the sifting through of this data. Make sense out of the results though will take some pretty complex Decision Support Systems (brains!).

My friends at the New Jersey Institute of Technology are pretty good at this stuff.  They put together this info-graphic.  Cools stuff.

data mining and dss