The Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Our smartphones have gotten more and more powerful in just a few short years, leading us to do many things we used to on our desktops with our phones. Android is by far the most flexible mobile platform when compared to iOS and Windows Phone. As such, there are more “PC-like” tasks you can do on an Android phone than an iPhone.

Photo Editing is one such task that has gone mobile, with simple wizard-tools to full-blown PhotoShop applications. Video Editing has also gone mobile and while its applications are not as fully-featured as some of the Photo Editing tools out there, it’s good for most mobile video needs.

Below are some of the best Video Editing apps for your Android smartphone.

Magisto Video Editor

Magisto focuses on the fun side of making videos and is something great for parents with kids or those getting started in video. It’s simple and easy to use and features some great one-touch fixes. This isn’t the PhotoShop of video tools but it’s a great app to merge videos together to form a new one, share them with family and friends or apply artistic filters.

Here are some of the app’s key features:

Automatic stabilization to steady your clips.
Facial Recognition.
Lots of pre-installed styles, like Halloween and Country feels.
Included library of licensed music.


This app is more about bringing your raw material together to create something you want. There’s nothing too major included in the app but it works well on tablets like the Nexus 7. It’s also easy to use and contains many of the tools you need to create a great movie clip. For the times when you have a lot of photos you want to turn into a video slideshow for family or friends, WeVideo works great.

WeVideo allows you to:

Trim and arrange clips to make one movie.
Select your own music and adjust your levels.
Add effects to your clips.
Capture content directly from the app.


Sometimes the simple things are the best and mVideoCut is about as simple as it gets when it comes to video editing. What the app lacks in terms of flashy features it makes up for in ease of use. Unlike the other video editing apps out there, mVideoCut relies on the cloud to do all of the heavy lifting. Leaving you free to use your phone or tablet for whatever you want, the app does the editing for you. Browse for slightly used woodworking machines while mVideoCut edits your “How To Build a Table” video. Or finally take the time to sift through your inbox while you video clips are compiled. The app-run editing feature is a great touch and allows you to carry on using your smartphone how you like.

mVideoCut lets you:

Cut, join and move clips to make a full movie.
Slow down or speed up your movies (great for sports clips).
Apply filters and vignette effects to your movies.
Change orientation from portrait to landscape.


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