The Convenience and Exclusivity of Event Streaming

Event streaming has grown in popularity over recent years, and with the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Twitter all using it for their latest products or releases, its growth doesn’t look to be slowing down.

We highlight some reasons why event streaming is good for your business, both as the audience and as the presenter.

The Presenter:

  • There is less build-up for the event, so waiting for people to arrive or people to settle is eliminated; simply turn live streaming on and away you go. This also helps if your original venue is not big enough for large audiences too.
  • This does allow greater productivity for you and your business, but it also helps your audience too.
  • As mentioned, if facilitation is a problem and lack of large audience space prevents you from hosting events, event streaming can work in your favour to target more people.
  • Another good point is that those that miss the live event can have access to the event later through a link to the video online. This will mean that people can watch your event at a later date and can be shared among their friends and followers too.

These benefits can obviously have the reverse affect too. Here are some reasons why event streaming is beneficial for you as the audience:

  • Event streaming and broadcasting allows individuals and businesses to gain a real sense of ‘being there’ that can allow them to save money on travel and valuable office time.
  • Costs of travel, accommodation and food are greatly reduced by event streaming, which adds to the convenience.
  • As a business, more people can watch and get involved in the web stream without them having to leave the office, further costing money on wages and travel.

For employees and customers that are spread geographically, streaming events are possibly the most cost-effectively ways to broadcast your message to a wider audience. With a number of added benefits, the future of live event streaming is very bright.


Thomas is an expert within marketing businesses online. His writing will feature anything from search engine optimisation to marketing your business through event streaming. Keep up to date with his latest posts on Twitter.