Top Six Document Template Websites

Many businesses use documents on a regular basis for all aspects of their daily functions. Creating new documents from scratch is often time consuming and may lack a professional edge if someone doesn’t have the knowledge to know what’s involved. However, there is a wealth of document templates available on the internet that can be utilised by businesses. Here are six websites that can assist you in this matter.


This is a useful resource for anyone looking for a particular document, as it covers all scenarios, both business-related and otherwise. It boasts being the world’s largest digital library, where you can download documents on the web or to your mobile device. As well as making use of already existing documents, you can also even share your own, if you have one that you think might be of particular use to a worldwide audience.


If you’re looking for a particular business or legal document, then this could be the right place to come. The website covers templates divided into five folders: Business, Corporate, Property, Health & Safety, and Employment. Within each folder you can then find a huge choice of business contract templates, agreements, policies, forms and letters. The documents are drafted by professionals, but are easy to use and edit for anyone who is not familiar with their layout.


This highly popular resource has documents available covering legal, technology, business, financial and education areas. With over 65,000 documents to its name, there is bound to be a document on this site that you need. You can also get your hands on resources for starting a business, growing a business and professional development. The website also allows you to browse video documents and courses.


This hugely successful software organisation has developed a flagship product called ‘Business-in-a-Box’, which has been designed to assist businesses who need use of professional documents and templates. It claims to be used by more than 6 million people in over 200 countries, with offices in major capital cities of the world. The documents are suitable for a wide range of industry professionals, including healthcare, legal, media, construction and accounting, for instance.


This website claims to be an online marketplace for all documents and files. As well as being able to search, preview and instantly download files, you can also upload your own files and sell them to other users. Most of the documents cover aspects of business, finance and legal areas, but there are also a wealth of research papers and case studies to peruse. Many of the listed documents are free.


TidyForm is a one-stop shop for a wide range of documents that professionals might need relating to areas such as business, education, finance, legal and life issues. It also has a miscellaneous section for other forms that might be of use. The website details the most popular templates, so that they are easily accessible, including invoice templates, rental and lease contracts, receipts, budget documents and incident reports.

Rebecca Fox is a recent business graduate who writes for Whitefields Document Storage. She enjoys writing about all things marketing, branding and print related.