What Should be Included on Every Promotional Product

Promotional items are extremely beneficial for boosting brand recognition in both the short and long run. These advertisements serve as gifts that customers appreciate, which means they may be more inclined to start buying new merchandise or services. As time goes on, consumers will use these products and develop brand recognition.

The immediate and lasting impact simply can’t be matched by other resources. Social media posts, broadcast commercials and print collateral are all fleeting at best, while promotional products withstand the test of time if they’ve been designed properly.

Of course, the aesthetics that go into giveaways are arguably the most important factors that small business owners have to consider. Read on for a look at which factors entrepreneurs have to include with on every promotional item.

A logo
This almost goes without saying, but a logo is a necessity on any advertisement and is doubly important for giveaways. The whole point of distributing items like promotional key chains, calendars and pens is to ensure that consumers develop brand recognition, which is impossible if they can’t see a company’s emblem.

Logos can be emblazoned on any product, from water bottles and coffee mugs to tablet covers and pens. Small business owners can ensure that their companies’ symbols are front and center on every single item.

Contact information
Even enterprises with the most loyal customers should include contact information on their advertisements. An address and a phone number are likely sufficient for ensuring that consumers can reach out to a company whenever they want.

What’s more, online information would also work well. A web address or a Twitter handle can go a long way toward establishing synergy between giveaways and digital channels. The latter resource can also be extremely beneficial for establishments that want to enhance their social presence.

Customer names
Finally, personalized business gifts can help build relationships between companies and clients. Mike Linderman, former chairman of the Promotional Products Association International, told The New York Times that customers can’t get enough of seeing their own names.

“People like seeing their own name above all else,” Linderman said.

Small business owners should offer customized giveaways to long-term clients. These buyers want to know that their patronage is appreciated and will love receiving unique gifts for their dedication. Names can be emblazoned on pens and similar products to ensure that customers will be highly satisfied.