How to Save Money on Office Supplies

There are many significant costs associated with running a business such as salaries, rent, light and heat. This is why it is important to save money where possible. One such area where savings can be made is in office supplies, where the costs of stationery, staples and the like can add up surprisingly fast. See below some tips from Xpert Office Supplies that can help save your business some money, simply and easily.

  1. Order what you need

Before you order any office supplies, take an inventory of the office supplies that you currently have on hand. This will eliminate ordering excess stock and ensure that you order what you will need and more importantly, what you will use. In addition, identify the office supplies which are essential such as paper, pens, staplers etc and supplies which may be unnecessary such as the multi-coloured, scented post-it notes!

  1. Shop online

One of the best ways to save some money on office supplies is to shop online. There are some fantastic savings to be made in this way but don’t forget to factor in delivery costs. Look out for online retailers that offer free delivery in return for a minimum order of supplies. Shopping online also allows you to avail of online discounts and coupon promotions. The single best thing about online shopping for office supplies is that while you save money, you also save time – no queues, no parking, no hassle!

  1. Order in bulk

Ordering office supplies in bulk can save your business significant money and so you should identify office supply items that you can purchase in bulk. For example, instead of buying paper in 500 sheet packs, consider buying a box of 5,000 sheets. Bulk buying means that your business can avail of considerable discounts and you can also negotiate higher discounts. Before buying anything, you should ensure that you have the capital available to make the bulk purchase and adequate storage for the bulk items. If so, then ordering in bulk is a great option.

  1. Be environmentally aware

In today’s environmentally-conscious world, using goods made from recycled materials is a good choice both ethically and from a monetary point of view. Products made from recycled materials are often cheaper though the quality may not be as good as those manufactured from top grade materials. However, these products are more than satisfactory for everyday office use. In addition, office policies such as printing on both sides, re-using envelopes and re-filling ink printer cartridges should be implemented so as to reduce costs.

  1. Choose generic brands

Generic brands of supplies such as pencils, staples and paper clips can be another way to realise considerable savings. While such generic brands are often as good as if not better than their branded counterparts, you should make sure that you do not end up losing money by testing out a small sample of the generic brand items before making a big purchase. For example, you may find that the generic pencils keep breaking so paying the higher price for a known brand may be worth the additional cost.

Always remember that while office supplies are necessary, they do not have to necessarily drain your office budget.