Why You Need Online and Offline Marketing

Digital marketing has taken over. Many people have long since switched their marketing efforts from offline marketing to online marketing. But the rise of online marketing does not mean that you can completely drop your offline marketing. Offline marketing is still important to reach the demographics that still aren’t online and reinforce your online marketing.

Integration is Key

Many companies have the view that online marketing and offline marketing should be completely separate efforts. However, many successful and innovative marketing campaigns going on today are cohesively marketing the same campaign on all platforms. To be successful you need to have a mix of both online and offline advertising. Your marketing should be seamlessly weaved together to create one image that reflects your brand and your product/service. When people see your online marketing they should think of the offline marketing, and vice versa.

A Classy Example of Successful Marketing

One example of a highly successful marketing campaign that has used this strategy to advertise is the new Anchorman movie. There has been a huge online marketing push on platforms such as Tumblr and Facebook, but there is also a big offline campaign such as traditional movie trailers and “newscasts” by the actors in character. While this movie largely benefits from a campaign such as this due to its previous success as a brand, there is no reason that marketing pushes like this can’t work with other types of brands besides movies.

Attract Unique Customers with Offline

While online marketing is important to engage and involve your existing market, offline marketing arguably is better at attracting unique customers who might not otherwise have ran into your online marketing campaign. This goes for things such as movie trailers, posters around town on billboards and bus stops, mail, etc. This type of offline marketing is better at targeting geographical areas. On the other hand, online marketing is arguably better at targeting different, less defined demographics such as groups of people who have the same interests.

Plan Together

One way to start thinking about integrating your online marketing with your offline marketing is to plan together. If different people are going to be in charge of your offline and online marketing, then make sure they are meeting together to brainstorm and plan together so the campaigns can match.

A Cohesive Strategy

Offline marketing and online marketing are two things that should always come together. Your offline marketing should always refer back to your online marketing where people can easily find out the answers to any questions they might have. Another tip for your offline marketing is to use the terms that you want them to search for online in your offline marketing. If you want them to use a certain hash tag or catch phrase, make sure you are also putting it on your offline marketing. Use the same design scheme on everything, so the viewers get the same feeling from looking at your online and offline marketing. The more things matchup between the online and offline marketing, the more connections the viewer will make. And the more connections they make the more likely they are to remember your product, which is the whole point of marketing after all.

Written By- Samuel Ott is the Video Production Manager at Lift Division, an inbound marketing company located in Columbia, Mo, serving companies and businesses nationwide.