Make the Switch to Cloud Computing and Secure Your Data!


181629983Is your business still using legacy system software to back up data? Have you been considering moving to the cloud, yet you aren’t sure what all it will entail? Cloud computing is a term that gets thrown around quite often in the tech world, but not many people know exactly how it can benefit them; especially those with businesses to run. There are many advantages of using cloud storage in conjunction with your business. In fact, there are so many that it doesn’t make sense to go any longer without switching!

Cloud Storage Can Be Accessed From Anywhere
One of the most valuable benefits of switching to cloud storage from physical equipment is that your pertinent data is accessible from any place there is an internet connection available. This can be extremely useful if you need immediate access to a file on the go, or if you’ve got several locations from which you do business. This eliminates the need to pack around flash drives or bulky external hard drives.

Give Clients Access to Files Using Guest Links
If you want to provide access to a file in your cloud storage for a client, there’s no need to go through the process of storing it on removable media. Many cloud hosting providers provide the feature of “guest links” that allow you to create a link that gives a person direct access to only the file in question.

No More Physical Data Storage Equipment Lying Around
Cloud storage also eliminates the bulkiness that lots of storage equipment can cause. Companies that possess lots of data will enjoy this feature the most; data is stored elsewhere on equipment provided by the cloud hosting company, and you will never have to lay eyes on it. Not to mention, you will save lots of money by not having to buy this type of hardware anymore as well.

Cloud Storage is More Secure Using Encryption
For your current data storage solution, it’s likely that you’re using a layer of security that more than likely involves a username and password. Not only does cloud storage require a username and password to gain access to the account, but all data transmission is encrypted. This means that those who do not have the correct login credentials will likely not be able to gain access to the data via alernative, malicious methods.

Syncing Files Between All Systems Connected to the Cloud is Simple
When using traditional hardware to store data, it’s likely that there are different versions of the same files all across the various platforms used under your company. Additionally, when one file is updated on one computer, it is impossible for the same file to modify on all other computers without manually changing each one. Cloud computing syncs files between devices and online backups so that you never have to worry about keeping data up to date again.

Restoring Lost Data is a Cinch
Lastly, backing up is not such a critical process anymore with cloud storage as many cloud providers offer their own backup solutions. Many are also equipped to immediately restore lost data in the event that it corrupts, the storage device crashes, or if it is accidentally deleted. Of course, you should always perform your own backups regardless of what type of storage solution you use, but extra layers of security certainly don’t hurt.


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