Spruce Up Your Blog With These Apps in 2014

Bloggers use to rely on PCs and laptops a few years ago, but the smartphone era has opened up new ways to facilitate the blogging process. Smartphone apps in particular can be used to spruce up your blog and stay connected when there’s no computer nearby.

The latest stats on mobile app usage increase in the U.S. from Mobile Future reveal that the average mobile user has above 100 apps installed on his device and spends slightly above 2 hours using them every day.

And the mobileSTAT report  from Jumptap points out that 84% of network mobile traffic is associated with smartphone apps and this is almost a 50% increase from the 45% a couple of years ago. The reason is the easy availability of apps which offer a fast browsing experience.

If you’re a blog owner with a smartphone, there are several apps you can utilize to update your blog, check the traffic stats and do a lot more. The following are the best available options to use in 2014:

  1. BlogPress










BlogPress is the ultimate blogging app and it supports major CMS platforms including LiveJournal, WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr and several others. Apart from the CMS support, you can also connect it to YouTube, Flickr and Picasa accounts, so any content you want to import from these sites can be directly embedded through the app.

It supports social media sharing on Facebook and Twitter and you get to use regular blogging features such as comment moderation, password protection, schedule publishing, preview drafts. It even lets you integrate a business blog with Google Maps and also provides password protection. BlogPress is compatible with iOS devices and comes with a $2.99 price tag.

Download BlogPress for iOS

  1. Flipagram 










This is an interactive smartphone application that allows you to add spark to your blog’s Instagram account through interactive slideshows featuring background music.

The app allows you to use existing images for the purpose, and you can also take new ones directly through the app itself.

The slideshow comes in the form of a short video and its speed and frame rate can also be adjusted. Furthermore, you can see the slideshows uploaded by other Flipagram users for more inspiration. This app is free to use and works on Android and iOS devices.

Download Flipagram for iOS

Download Flipagram for Android

  1. Phonto










Do you work hard to create original/DIY images? Then it’s important to secure your hard work because it’s as easy as pressing CTRL + Print Screen for someone to steal your images. Phonto makes sure that doesn’t happen by letting you add text as a watermark.

You can also add a URL scheme to the selected images and the text you add is changeable in terms of size, stroke color, kerning, spacing and shadow color. Even the background image can be customized and users can also install other fonts. The images then can be embedded in the blog and can also be shared on social media. Phonto is free for iOS and Android users.

Download Phonto for iOS

Download Phonto for Android

  1. HootSuite     









HootSuite is the perfect option when you want to flawlessly manage and schedule social media updates. You can post on multiple platforms from a single interface and there is also a translation feature to send out social updates in different languages.

The app also notifies you when there are comments on the updates made and the links can be shortened through Ow.ly. HootSuite is a free app compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Download HootSuite for iOS

Download HootSuite for Android

  1. BeyondPod Podcast Manager









There are instances when you can’t read but want to quickly share a post/thought/idea with your blog readers. BeyondPod Podcast Manager lets you listen to new and interesting stories on the go so you can come up with new blog post ideas/topics.

You can subscribe and listen to audio and video podcasts at any time and they can also be downloaded for later viewing and listening. Also, you can customize the playlist depending on your preferences. This app is free to download and would work on Android devices.

Download BeyondPod Podcast Manager for Android

Which apps do you use for blogging? Feel free to leave comments.