Is the Best USB on the Market Sandisk or PNY?

In the age of cybercrime, data security and safe file transfer have never been more important. Whether that means backing up your personal finance documents, saving your university work or companies, both large and small, protecting their data.

Cybercrime is not the only peril to look out for. By backing up files on a USB and storing it externally the chances of irreplaceable data being destroyed by fires, floods or any other disasters or catastrophic events in your home or the office is greatly decreased.

The market for USB Memory Sticks is dominated by two manufacturers in particular, Sandisk and PNY. Both of these companies offer great solutions to data security, but in comparison who rules the roost in the USB kingdom?

Most Popular

When it comes to popularity Sandisk’s Cruzer Edge and PNY’s Transformer come out on top. The PNY Transformer is available in multiple gigabyte sizes from 8GB up to 64GB and is built to withstand substantial wear and tear. The memory stick looks stylish and professional with its polished finish and corrugated lines. Strong in form despite being small in size.

The Sandisk Cruzer Edge, also available is sizes ranging from 8GB to 64GB, has a mean look to it with its black and red casing. The Cruzer Edge has a retractable design, which protects the microchip ideal for both home and business use. In this opening round, the points would have to go to the PNY Transformer for its unique design, which overshadows the Cruzer Edge making it look rather basic.

Most Expensive

The most expensive PNY USB memory stick is the 64GB Transformer at £49.99. Designed with a microchip, the Transformer has a hook clip for added security when you have it on your person. The capacity of the USB is enough to hold the equivalent of 16,000 songs or 20,000 photographs, which means it has enough space to store an abundance of important business documents.

Sandisk’s priciest product (also £49.99) is the Ultra SDCZ48-064G-U46, which admittedly is not the most marketable name. However, despite the ugly name the memory stick has a chic design and looks even more stylish than its sister, the Sandisk Cruzer Edge.

The inclusion of Sandisk SecureAccess software allows you to establish a password-protected folder on your drive for private use, which keeps your files confidential. With its sleek, black finish and extra protection the Ultra is both practical and easy on the eye, giving it the edge over the Transformer.

Most Affordable

The most cost effective USB memory sticks from the two top manufacturers are the PNY Key Ataché and the Sandisk Cruzer Edge 8GB.

The Cruzer Edge is available for £6.99 and offers the equivalent space of 2,000 songs with super-fast USB 2.0 speeds. The PNY Key Ataché also holds the equivalent of 2,000 songs and the capless, compact design can easily be slipped into your pocket or onto your keyring so that you are always aware of its whereabouts. You can purchase a Key Ataché for around £8.99, which is more than its Sandisk counterpart. However, for ease of use, looks and the keyring attachment the PNY Key Ataché is the winner.

About the Author:

This article was written by Tom Wills, an IT and technology writer for HANDD, providing Data Security and Managed File Transfer solutions.