The Importance of Water Dispensers in the Work Place

Water dispensers seem like fairly innocuous items within the workplace; they sit quietly being changed over for full containers every now and then. However, there’s actually far more to water dispensers than most people think, and the benefits of having a water dispenser in your business shouldn’t be underestimated. And in this guide, we tell you why.

Water – A few surprising facts

It’s a well-known fact that as a species we need a continual supply of water to survive; our brains consists of 85% of the stuff and having even a 2% level of water deficiency can mean that a person becomes slow and lethargic. Water ensures that a person keeps focussed, can concentrate and, most importantly, stays healthy. So with all that in mind, let’s move on to what this means the for the average business.

Less sick days

Maintaining a healthy water intake on a day to day basis ensures that a person’s body functions as it should. Those that drink less water are, invariably, healthier than those that don’t. Having a water cooler installed can help your employees in ensuring that their water levels stay as they should, and reduce those expensive sick days.

A counter to post caffeine energy dips

A lesser known fact about water is that it can be a cure for post caffeine energy dips. Whilst staff may be at their most productive following that morning cup of tea or coffee, a few hours later and your staff may be suffering from post-lunch, post caffeine energy dips. Rehydrating with water is a great way to refresh, and will mean that your staff can avoid at least some of the afternoon grave yard shift.

More productivity

Lethargy, decreased cognition and loss of concentration are just a few of the many effects of dehydration (not to mention irritability, which is the last thing any employer wants in a busy office!). Given that the average person spends more than half their time at work undertaking complex tasks over a demanding period of time, staying hydrated is essential. What makes this even more important is that the copious amounts of caffeine that’s consumed in the average office actually acts as a dehydrator.

Avoid the summer slow down

If the effects of even the slightest level of dehydration can be detrimental, then during the hot summer months they are even more so. Whilst fans and cooling systems can go some way to keeping staff productive, ensuring that their water intake stays at a consistent level can be somewhat harder, which is where water coolers can help.

To ensure that your workers are happy and hydrated means that they need to consume around 100-200ml of water every couple of hours; this replaces the water lost through routine activities and perspiration. Aqua Vitae can install and manage water dispensers within your work place, ensuring that you meet the legal requirements for providing fresh water, as well as keeping your staff happy, hydrated and productive.