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Pharmaceutical compliance jobs are some of the most important in the pharmaceutical industry, especially now that the industry is changing so quickly due to factors such as globalization, increased competition, cost constraints, and product/process complexity. To understand why this is such an important, and growing, field it is important to understand that compliance and quality, while often related, are not the same thing.

Quality is everyone’s job: From the floor workers to the executives, the process, procedure, and culture in place at a company are what allow it to consistently produce high-quality products. Compliance, on the other hand, refers to the functions in place to document and demonstrate the quality of those processes and procedures. For this reason it is entirely possible to have quality without compliance but quite impossible the other way around.

Job Requirements

Pharmaceutical compliance workers are employed to manage and support all daily activities relating to compliance from risk-assessment tracking to reporting and analyzing to monitoring federal and state regulations and changes in law. They are often required to compose and distribute internal communications relating to upcoming changes in regulations or company policy and may be involved in the creation of training materials for new staff.

Graduate or post-graduate studies are often required for these positions, often law or pharmaceutical related degrees. Experience in the field is also an asset as is a demonstrated ability to read, analyze, and interpret regulatory information including state and federal law.

There are a wide variety of jobs available in the field for those just starting out all the way up to top-level executive positions and this industry is a great way for people who really want to make a difference to a company’s policies and procedures to get involved.




Compliance Managers: America’s #20 Best Job

With very reasonable pay and excellent job growth, it is not surprise that compliance manager positions are highly-sought jobs. While it may not be possible to keep everybody happy all the time while ensuring a business follows all relevant regulations, the managers of compliance services have high job security and a chance to really influence their company.

  • Pay: $87 000-$120 000+ /year
  • Job Growth: up 27% in past 10 years
  • Job description:
    • Ensuring employers understand and comply with all relevant state and federal regulations and laws;
    • Identify hidden risks;
    • Keep up to date with changing regulations;
    • Arrange employee training; and
    • Drafting and revising company policy.

As one of the largest growing fields in the world, pharmaceuticals continue to be an enormously important part of human society and are unlikely to go anywhere any time soon. As such, it is a great industry to step into not only because of the wealth of jobs available but because of the job satisfaction of knowing you are not only helping your company’s bottom line but also improving the quality of their products and therefore the quality of life of their customers.

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