Best 5 Virtual PBX Choices for Small Business

Successful business owners know that good communication between their employees is an important thing, because it can improve work performance, reliability and much more. However, connecting an external telephone line to every room and employee in your office can be quite costly, and you can rest assured that the monthly bill won’t be very cheap as well.

Thankfully, there is an easier and more affordable solution to provide your employees with a neat and cheap communication method – a PBX system. PBX stands for private branch exchange and these systems are being used in medium-sized and larger companies for years, because they are one of the best ways to improve communication inside the office. However, if you are a smaller company, then purchasing a PBX system can be very costly, so you need an alternative service such as virtual PBX.

Using a virtual PBX systems means that you won’t have to purchase any equipment, it will all be stored and maintained by your virtual PBX service provider. However, which are the best 5 virtual PBX choices for small business? is also a great source of information about hosted PBX technology if you want read about more in this regard.


VoiPo provides professional virtual PBX services for individuals as well as for companies. The company was founded by Hostgator and it has been providing its affordable services for years. One of the best things about VoiPo are their low prices – starting from $6/months with 2-year subscription. If you opt for a monthly subscription, then the prices are relatively larger – up to $15/month.

With VoiPo you get unlimited calls to US/Canada, a wide range of interesting features, free rollover line, 60 minutes of free international calls and more! Some of their best features are call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, Caller ID, online call logs, call blocking, softphone, 3-way calling.


Grasshopper is preferred by many small business owners because this virtual PBX system is really affordable and comes with a great range of unique features. Setting up a virtual PBX system provided by Grasshopper doesn’t require any additional hardware and the process is relatively simple & quick. Thanks to Grasshopper’s services any small company can forget about expensive traditional PBX systems and opt for the more affordable virtual PBX system.

The company has been in the business for a while, so they’ve been able to work with a lot of customers and they’ve built an excellent reputation for themselves. Most customer review are excellent, but some people are concerned by the lack of outbound faxing. The virtual PBX system provided by Grasshopper is amazing in terms of reliability – calls are dropped extremely rarely and voice quality is excellent.

By using their services you can get unlimited extensions an thanks to their affordable and flexible plans you can pay exclusively for the services you need. Their most popular subscription plan is “Pay as You Grow” that is meant for small businesses which are expanding and will need more features in the near future.


RingCentral is a bit different from traditional providers of virtual PBX systems. This is a cloud-based virtual fax & phone service that you can only use if you purchase a special pre-configured PBX phone from their sales department. Despite this setback, RingCentral’s services integrated perfectly with SalesForce, Dropbox and Google’s web services. You also get a neat mobile application that can be used to manage calls, texts, faxes, settings, arrange audio conferences and more.

Another problem with RingCentral is that many of their additional services must be paid for, but in the meantime the same services are being offered for free by other virtual PBX system providers. Call quality is excellent while using RingCentral’s services, but some users complain because of dropped calls. Their default features are pretty great and the best part is that you can get even more extras if you use one of their premium plans.

The company also offers a free trial of all their services, so don’t hesitate to give them a try. Keep in mind that they offer many different plans, so carefully review each one of them and decide which best suits your needs.


This is another cloud-based PBX phone service that is mostly used by small & medium-sized enterprises. According to the company’s official website, their services san save your business up to 65% on your phone bills, but it entirely depends on your current expenses and needs. All of Nextiva plans feature an unlimited calls and faxes extra, so this means that you’ll never have to pay hidden taxes and overtime fees.

Despite this great bonus, there are some problems with their subscription plans. Their structure is quite complicated and many people are confused by the multi-tiered pricing system that Nextiva use. Thankfully, you can count on their user-friendly and knowledgeable support staff, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you have any trouble. Keep in mind that phone support isn’t available 24/7, so check their work hours.

Call quality is crystal clear and dropped calls aren’t a problem according to customer reviews. Nextiva’s systems perform great even when they are overloaded, so you won’t have any major issues while using their virtual PBX system. All of their plans are rich on features and we already mentioned the complicated subscription plans, so we advise you to consult with their support staff before subscribing.

This is one of the most popular virtual PBX systems, but the main reasons for their popularity is the fact that they’ve been in this business for the longest time. give their clients the opportunity to connect any mobile, office phone, tablet or computer to their PBX system and thus eliminating the need for extra hardware. Their subscription plans are quite affordable, but they are definitely lacking in the features department.

The company also has some issues when their systems is under too much load, so you may experience some performance issues from time to time. There have been some complaints regarding’s support staff – phone support isn’t available 24/7 and email support is pretty slow. Despite this fact, their prices are still great and they are the main reason why so many small businesses and individuals prefer’s services.