De-Stress from Work! On Your Tablet or Phone?

Work got you frazzled? Tired of being the go to person at your own business some time? I can say with absolute conviction that I feel your pain! I don’t de-stress with games. I am not a traditional gamer who can just take out their frustrations in a 3rd person shooter game or some realistic sports game. I typically just unplug and hope that works. Turn off the TV, turn off the phone, and relax. Those work great at home.

But with kids at all day sporting events (swim meets and volleyball tournaments)… I get too bored with shutting down my phone and tablet. So… I have found several go to games that I can use to de-stress with.

De-Stress by Thinking

My goto game in these situations is now 2048. It’s kind of mindless. You know… swipe the screen left/right or swipe up/down. But then I start to find the patterns that show up in the numbers, and I find myself thinking more and more about strategies. How can I win. It’s stressful in a very de-stressing way. If you have never played 2048, give it a go. It takes about 30 seconds to learn the rules, but you can get a full 15 minutes of relaxation in a single game. If you really want to take it seriously, you can get tips for winning at The Daily Dot.

Flip Those Cards

Everyone has a solitaire game that they fall back to when they just want to pass the time and relax. Mine is usually just plain old solitaire. In the past year though, I have started to pull up Spider Solitaire when I want to relax. It takes just enough thought to keep me engaged, but not enough that I stress out over a silly game. As for solitaire games, there are tons to choose from, and a zillion strategies for winning. Ok, maybe not a million, but there are several strategies (see: Game Cards Planet)

Truly Mindless De-Stressing

How can it get any more easy than pressing an on-screen button? So my mindless guilty pleasure is slots! My vice of choice is Slotomania free slots games. This is one of those games that I picked up because I saw a fellow parent playing it at a Volleyball Tourney last month. It’s incredibly simple…. spin and see the results. I find that I like to see how long I can make a run of wins, or how low I can get before I have a big spin. Simple, mindless, and very de-stressing.

If the stress of business is an issue for you. And if you need time away from your business, but still feel the need for technology, you surely have an outlet. Keep plugged-in, but relax while you do it.