4 Reasons Defining Your Brand Voice is Crucial to E-Commerce

In the world of e-commerce and online marketing brand voice is one of the most important tools a company can have on its side. Not only does voice help you reach customers and close sales, but it can make or break a company when it comes to the business side of transactions. Here are four significant reasons that if someone hopes to compete in e-commerce it is important to have a stand-out voice.

1. It Makes You Different

For many people, there is no difference in the product offered by Coke and Pepsi. A brand voice is one of the ways to inject a difference, and to make people who would normally not care at all whether it was your product or your competitor’s product view yours a little more positively than usual.

2. It Helps Smooth Out Rough Patches

A company’s voice decides how customers regard it, particularly when it comes to the online marketplace. If a company is regarded as polite and caring, as well as genuinely interested in the well-being of its customers and of the world in general, then people are more likely to be forgiving in the event that something goes wrong.

For instance, if a company’s voice is recognized as being caring and dependable, then when there’s a problem with delivery or when a mistake is made in quality control, people are more likely to accept that company’s apologies. A brand voice can actively buy good will, and that is a priceless commodity in the world of business.

3. It Builds Trust

Faceless corporations are the bad guys of bestselling books for a reason; they’re anonymous. If there’s nothing that defines a brand and if that brand doesn’t have a voice then people aren’t going to risk their hard earned cash trying it out to see whether or not they like it. Being the cheapest, or being the most durable, isn’t enough to get people to like and trust the brand.

Think of a brand as a person. If it just accosts someone at the door, the customer is going to be understandably turned-off. If, on the other hand, the brand is chatty, personable, and friendly, people are going to listen. If the brand believes in things the customer does, and shares views and opinions with that customer, it becomes less a business entity and more of a friend. People will come to believe in it, and as such will choose that brand over others because of that trust.

4. It Lets You Tell Stories

The stories behind a brand are the ones that stick with people, but if the stories are not told in a voice unique to that brand, they get lost in the confusion. Whether it is Red Bull or Under Armor, Macintosh or Mountain Dew, these companies have stories to tell. These are stories that, if told in the right voice, will stick with the customers that are hearing them. They are the stories about creativity and striving to be the best, or about being different in a bland and boring world. By telling these stories in a unique voice, the brand is extending an offer to customers to become part of the story itself.

That’s one of the things that customers are doing when they buy products; they’re standing with a brand and making it part of their identities. It isn’t just that someone drives a Ford or a Dodge; it’s that they are invested in that company’s story. The same thing goes for what clothes they buy, what kind of fast food they eat, or even what brands of hair care products they use; whatever the brand is it becomes something as much a part of how those customers view themselves as their careers or entertainment choices.

That’s the real benefit of having a unique brand voice when it comes to e-commerce; customers will make your brand an integral part of themselves.

Robert Kent recently graduated from Stanford School of Business, and is currently working on getting his own ecommerce business of the ground. He highly recommends finding a good platform to handle the checkout and distribution process, and for this he recommends using Fast Spring.