4 Signs That You’re Addicted to Paper

Now we don’t want to understate the versatility of paper: We use the stuff as our currency, to wrap birthday gifts, clean up spills, and even to make little hats!

There may not be a material whose uses are as vast and accessible. Think about it: the same material used for the Declaration of Independence is a commonplace item in bathrooms for post-business endeavors.

Throughout history, one the most common uses of paper was as data storage, in the form of handwritten information. In 2014, that usage has dwindled – thanks in large part to a digital age where the likes of email, Microsoft Word, and content management software has replaced the necessity of paper as the go-to data storage method.

Despite this technology, there are still many people who opt to use paper as opposed to more recent data-storing methods. It’s true – they’re addicted to paper. If you find yourself nodding along to the items on this list, you may be too!

Do You Send Letters Instead of Email?

In this day and age of instantaneous digital transfer of documents through a document manager, using the postman to send out a letter is to email as hunting-and-gathering is to the supermarket. Sure, packages need to be delivered and a birthday card from grandma puts a smile on your face, but the paper addict doesn’t stop there. They will send anything via snail mail, whether it’s a twelve page invoice or a three sentence reminder. When you start getting texts in the mail, you know someone is addicted to paper.

Do You Carry a Notepad Wherever You Go?

I mean an actual notepad – not the app on the iPhone. Despite easily accessible memorandum options on smart phones, voice recognition technology, and available reminder notifications, paper addicts choose to record every thought or client meeting notation by scribbling on paper. Some paper addicts go beyond opting for traditional notepads over their digital counterparts, and their notepad begins to look like a ledger from the 1800s. These addicts may even track important data, like their finances, in a traditional notebook. The horror! They may be aware of the fact that a tool like Excel can help sort this information and save countless hours, but it still does not override the flood of joy they experience, putting pen to paper.

Do You Invest in Security and Fire-Proofing Over Data Storage Technology?

Many paper addicts do not trust cloud-based services that offer to store data securely, even if it is from a company like Google. Instead of dropping a few bucks per month on cloud storage, they invest in protecting their old-fashioned paper-based documents that are sitting at home or in the office. These folks may purchase fire-proof cabinets, install an expensive vault, or have their files transferred via Brinks truck. It may make them feel more secure about their files, but it rapidly becomes pretty tough to ignore how much cheaper and quicker cloud-based storage is – even for those addicted to paper.

Do You Value Origami More Than Your Family, Friends, and Job?!

There are few better ways for a paper lover to show their adoration than the art of origami. Origami can be beautiful, but the most severely afflicted take it too far: Instead of going out on a date… they practice origami. Instead of prepping for an important meeting at work… it’s paper crane time! Instead of … you get the point. If you notice one of your friends carrying a briefcase full of little paper frogs, they may be a paper addict.

If the above descriptions sound like you, you may be addicted to paper. The reasons may vary. Perhaps it’s the old-school appeal of the material, or maybe it’s the convenience of not having to rely on a battery to store information. Every paper addict has a different reason for loving this age-old material. Like any type of adoration, it is sometimes unexplainable.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a severe paper addiction, please call the number to our hotline: 630.705.9050. Help is never more than a phone call away!