5 Of The Most Shocking Workplace Statistics

Work can be a dull grim place to be in, we all know that. But, do we actually know the same kind of stuff happens in offices all over the world and not just in ours? Here I will share with you 5 of the top shocking statistic I found whilst researching workplace management. Let’s begin….

1. Over 50% of American office worker gain weight whilst on the job

A lot of us already know this and I don’t think it is fair to just aim this at Americans, anyone who works in an office all day is sitting still and not exercising. Statistics show that in USA alone 13% of office workers gain 20 pounds in the first year of starting their new job.

Fact: In the Google workplace, employees have a daily BBQ and on-site restaurants. Google also have sleeping pods inside their building where employees can rest, not only this, there are also fun activities all over the office to do, such as the slide which takes you from top floor to bottom floor in just a few seconds. You are also allowed to take your pet to work, even ride around on a segway!

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2. In Japan 10k+ worker drop dead every year

Japan is one of the harshest places to work, with very long hours and stressful jobs. The main causes of death here are stress related, heart attack or a stroke.

Karōshi, translated means “Death from work” in japanese.

3. 40% of work turnover is due to stress

40% of people in the workplace actually quit and move on due to stress being brought on by the office morale and work needed to be completed by deadlines. Almost half of this number land back in the same office environment they left from, the other half try something completely different and never return to the office.

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4. 90,000 hours at work in each our lifetime

Clock watcher? Maybe that was a tough statistic to swallow, but its true, we spend 90,000 hours at work in our lifetime. So it would be:

4,100 days at work, 820 weeks at work or 11 full years – whichever one suits you!

5. Almost 70% of US workers plan on leaving their current job within the next year

A lot of us say this and 90% of the time it does not happen, statistics do show that 67% of Americans would like to leave their current jobs and go in search of another which is less stressful.

Many of them do stay of course as we all need the bills paying and the roof over our head, out of the 67% only a small fraction actually go through with it.

About: Luke has been in HR for many years now and continues to work with companies to change their workforce management. He is a great believer in having a fun work place as opposed to a dull stressful one.