7 Ways Animated Video Can Improve Productivity

Effectively and efficiently using resources is something that all businesses strive towards, and this is an area where animated video can help on more than one level.

A high quality animated video used for internal communications can help to motivate staff, while at the same time providing important information.

Here are just some of the ways animation can be used to boost productivity in any business.

  1. Be Innovative and Captivating

Let’s face it, a lot of training and communications material can be downright tedious.

A fantastic way to appeal to personnel so that they pay attention to your message is to use an innovative approach.

Animation offers a lot of scope for being creative. You can use your imagination to its fullest to conceptualise characters as well as concepts and stories.

A story that resonates with employees and includes characters that they can relate to can help to draw them in.

Animation technology and techniques are continually evolving, presenting ever more opportunities to create an effective and low-cost video.

  1. Animated Video is Versatile

Animation is used as a tool for internal communications by businesses in a huge range of industries, from car manufacturers to insurance firms.

It is utilised to share information with personnel on matters from health and safety procedures to corporate policy.

Some of the most popular uses of animated video are for training material, demonstration videos and refreshment courses.

They are effective for presenting monthly news or upcoming events in an engaging format. These can be sent to staff in an email. Ensure the title and animated still image are intriguing and employees are likely to watch – particularly if they enjoyed the last animated corporate video!

  1. Improve Retention of Information

A high quality animated video is stimulating on many levels and will therefore be more memorable.

The creative content, eye-catching images and attractive voiceover in an animated video are just some aspects that help to transfer information.

These inspiring elements of an animation can make any learning or communications experience more enjoyable, gratifying and effective.

When a learning experience is enjoyed, there is far more chance of information being retained.

People’s preferences for learning or even recapping knowledge differ. Some of us process information better when it is presented in visual form, while others prefer a verbal explanation.

Due to animation’s multi-sensory quality, it can appeal to personnel across your company.

  1. Motivate with Animation

Since animated video can be highly engaging, memorable and enjoyable, it can help to motivate staff.

The thought that is put into these videos can in itself make employees feel more recognised and valued. This can increase their desire not only to engage with the video, but also to follow guidance and raise productivity levels.

The knowledge and guidance gained via engaging and memorable animated videos can also make staff feel more confident in their jobs. Knowing how to do something and why it is done that way can make an employee more competent and happier to conduct things as guided.

An enjoyable, or even funny, animation can inspire staff to talk about it, which can be great for both morale and information sharing. The work atmosphere as a whole could be improved by all these slight changes in motivation and culture.

  1. Reduce Mistakes and Wastage

Animation can serve as an effective medium to train and guide staff in any area of a business, whether on a factory floor or in a busy tourism office.

There are many processes and procedures to teach, and in some areas new information needs to be shared on a regular basis.

Lacking retention of knowledge or lagging motivation can impact on the effective use of not just human resources but also other resources.

A high impact animated video, in engaging employees, informing them, and boosting their motivation to work, will reduce mistakes and wastage, leading to improved overall productivity.

  1. Fast and Efficient Communication

An animated explainer video has the power to convey detailed and complex information in a short timeframe.

Whiteboard video, split frames, infographics and 3D motion graphics are just some of the many effective and attractive techniques that can help to share a clear message.

Information can be shared a lot quicker than with text documents. A short video is actually more likely to keep staff engaged throughout too.

Insights and knowledge into the effective use of animation to boost learning continue to progress, and this is utilised by the best professional animation studios.

Developments in technology have also meant that producing animation is cheaper than ever.

So, training and developing the work force can be done truly efficiently, and at a low cost too.

  1. Adapt Your Message

Another fabulous benefit of animated video for internal communications is that if your desired message changes, adaptations can be made to the video for little cost.

For companies that are dynamic or experience regular change, animated video can be highly valuable and efficient.

If the right combination of information, creativity and employee recognition is expressed, an animated video can help any company achieve its productivity goals.

Corporate elements such as culture, strategy and leadership styles will shape your animated videos; but your finalised animations – when shown to staff over time – could also begin to influence your company in positive ways, beyond expectations.

Open your mind and your business to the rewards an animated video can reap, and productivity may not be the only area in which developments are achieved.

Marianna Keen is a journalist and copywriter for Qudos Animations, one of the leading animation production houses in London. The studio produces attractive and informative corporate videos for businesses worldwide.

You can contact the studio on (+44) 020 8891 2077.