Branding Basics For Young Entrepreneurs

All your business is and all that’s supposed to be is embodied in your brand. The colors, tagline, your business name and obviously the content you publish or product you sell encode your brand and present it visually and conceptually.

In order to get a name for yourself and build a brand from scratch takes a lot of effort, time, money and work. Still, whatever it is that you are focusing on, it is crucial not to overlook single interactions and small steps that can help share your brand with others.

We give you some ideas that may help you in building your brand and solidifying it:

Defining Your Brand

Since you have already started a business, you have surely thought of ways and directions you want to take it in. Still, there is no harm in be specific about. Think of it as your business self-discovery. It’s not going to be easy, though. Defining a brand is pretty time-consuming, exhausting, uncomfortable and difficult. But – it pays off on the long run.

To make it less brain wrenching possible, ask yourself these questions:

What is the mission of your business establishment?
What are the benefits your clients will get from you?
What is the opinion your customers and prospects have of your company?
What qualities do you want your company to be associated with?

Do your homework just right. Explore through their wants, habits, needs, desires and be ready to offer them all, or at least most of what they ask for. And – don’t rely on what you think they think; know what they think.

Be friendly and respectful

Nobody has the time nor the patience to put up with anyone’s rudeness. If you are polite, respectful and accessible be sure that customers will enjoy working with you. To get even bigger audience be as responsive as possible as this is the way you show customers you care about their needs. Replying messages left on your social-media pages, touching base with new connections on major networking sites, customer reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google will take only a few minutes and yet mean a lot for your business success. In staying in touch with your customers you are building the image as responsive and conscientious business owner.

Nurture and align your visuals

Visuals are important in both everyday and business life. They are a powerful statement of what your brand stands for. Logo is always the first recognized element of any enterprise, while the colors are what fans/users remember best.

Is your logo included in all places it should be? If you are not sure, here are some basics that should have your logo:

– Your social media profiles
– Your email signature
– Your presentations
– Promotional products
– Front door and the company’s vehicle

Rely partially on social monitoring tool to keep up with social trends 

Brand mentions and hashtags are easily followed with Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. These are a great way to focus your social-listening efforts. Observe the flow of conversations, spot any potential problems and find the best way to deal with them. If you are in a situation to defend your brand publicly, keep things light, don’t be pushy and jump into the discussion only when you have something relevant to add. Track discussion around high-value keywords to keep your pulse on your industry.

Also, be aware that once your customers start using your company’s tags freely and often – they’ve become emotionally involved with your products!

Have a strategy towards a brand-building content

Every day we get a vast amount of information from a variety of channels, what and how to manage posting stuff that are geared for pure humor or entertainment and the ways to post topics we actually enjoy. In case we fail to share some posts, there is a huge change we’ll miss the opportunity to distribute and share that information in a highly leveraging way.

If you are supportive towards your competitors and colleagues, great chance is they’ll be supportive in return. Further, whenever it happens that the read learned something through your posts and got an important information, this adds to your brand.

So, keep it informative, cool and respect your competitors!

Be colorful and recognizable

No, we are not talking clown school. We are talking colors that reflect your business’ work and something that sticks with the customer. When you choose the right color for your logo you have half the job done, branding-wise.

Why? We are all visual beings. When we see something we like or (can) relate to, we stick to it. So, brand your brand not just with quality but with color too. Choose colors that are most suitable for the type of business you are running. Change the background color of your Twitter/Facebook account (you can do this through cover photo). In a word, include your brand’s color wherever possible.

Damian Wolf is a writer and part of creative team at Cubic Promotions Pty Ltd. He loves to write about business, marketing and creativity.