Don’t Leave Social Media Out of Your Marketing Plans

For most people social media is a fun form of communication, but if used correctly social media can become a great tool for marketing and it can even help with the search engine optimisation of your website. As more people turn to social media as their first choice of communication, businesses are realising how important it is to have a social profile online. Not only is it a first point of contact for potential customers it can also help your SEO through the amount of shares or re-tweets your pages receives.

Although not considered a direct link, Facebook shares and Twitter re-tweets create mentions of your brand, business and website which can help your SEO. As modern day SEO moves away from link building Google is leaning more towards organic techniques within their algorithms to decide on the ranking results. Google considers Facebook or any other social pages as normal webpages and therefore if these pages can be crawled they will be. It is no longer all about links but more about content and how important your online presence is.

What This Means

This means it is equally important to SEO your social pages and treat them like any other page on your website. Social platforms can be used to provide your customers with an insight to your business and as a direct way to promote to your existing customers. But it is important to realise that these pages are sites within themselves and can be used to provide Google with information for the search ranking results.

Another way to use social media to benefit your SEO efforts is to carryout promotions through Facebook and Twitter. As mentioned above, Facebook shares and Twitter re-tweets, create mentions of your website and therefore can help with your search ranking results.

This does not mean you should go and purchased likes and re-tweets from one of the many dodgy sites offering “real” fans. These sites offer nothing but a number on your social pages and will not help with your promotions at all. These numbers tend to drop as they are from fake accounts that will be closed by Facebook and Twitter. It is also against the terms and conditions of most social platforms and if caught your page can be restricted or deleted. Why risk losing such a key marketing tool for your business over a number that will grow organically over time.

So remember to treat your social pages with equal importance as your website. Not only should you spend time and effort on creating a marketing strategy, you should also make sure these pages have been SEO properly. This way you are making the most of this powerful marketing tool now and in the future.