What are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Office?

There is no doubt that technology has changed dramatically in the past fifty years and has heralded many changes that have had a positive effect on many different areas of life, especially in business. One of the most positive effects on business is the emergence of the virtual office. A virtual office allows business owners to work from any location by using technology and internet access. Read on to discover some of the benefits of having a virtual office.

  1. Freedom & Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of having a virtual office is the freedom and flexibility it affords. You aren’t tied to a particular location so you are free to work whenever and wherever you are as your office is where you are. Furthermore, without the constraints of running an office, you are free to concentrate on your actual business.

  1. Cost

Another benefit of having a virtual office is the cost saving that can be realised. A virtual office allows you to maintain and grow your business without having to incur the overhead costs of a bricks and mortar building such as security, maintenance, utilities and office supplies. In addition, you also save money on transportation and work related expenses such as lunches and coffees as well as on childcare.

  1. Time

Setting up a virtual office can be done quickly and easily. There is no need to spend time sourcing suitable office space or furniture and equipment. Having a virtual office can also save you valuable time on a day-to-day basis. Commuting times can be extremely long for some people, especially if they live in the suburbs of a city, so having a virtual office eliminates the need to be stuck in traffic or waiting on buses or trains to get to work.

  1. Productivity

You would be forgiven for thinking that a virtual office would result in decreased productivity due to distractions that may take you away from your work more easily than if you were in an office setting. However, for many businesses, it is the opposite and productivity can actually increase. With the freedom and flexibility a virtual office provides, employees are often happier and more productive as a result. Also, if you have a virtual office you are less likely to be at the mercy of adverse weather conditions such as thunderstorms, floods and snowstorms, all of which can affect a business’s productivity levels.

  1. Employee Retention

Having a virtual office may also improve your employee retention rate. Not only will your employees be happier with this flexible method of working, but they may also be more inclined to stay working for you. Employees considering retirement may also defer the decision for a while longer if they are offered the opportunity to work in a virtual office.

With developments in technology, a virtual office is now a more attainable option for many business owners. If you desire more freedom and more flexibility in the way that you run your business, then a virtual office will satisfy all your requirements and is definitely a possibility for you to consider.

About the author:

Mark O’Leary is a freelance blogger and social media expert based in Dublin, Ireland. He writes on behalf of several Irish businesses including Kendlebell Kimmage.