Show And Tell: Increase the Traffic to Your Online Food Portal Using Instagram

You know the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words; well, a picture with the right caption can lead to a thousand more visits to your online food portal. The fact is that people draw closer more to pictures than to the most elaborately written words in the most wonderful of fonts. You will rarely see people crowded around a paper describing the scene of an accident in painstaking detail but you will see people crowding around a picture of the accident, right?

So, you have this great online food portal but you are not getting as much traffic on it as you would like? This means that you are not getting as much sales as you would like either, right? There are hosts of other issues that come with little or no traffic but let’s not dwell on that.

There are some solutions that you can pursue to get more traffic like getting on less popular social media sites or using email advertising but these are far less effective when compared to using Instagram.

There are over 100 million monthly users in Instagram and part of that is sure to include your niche market. There are several ways to go about tapping into this market:

  1. Posting Instagram pictures of your products

You can share some of your images; attach a title and a link to your online food portal. Make sure your picture is of high quality. You can hire a professional food photographer to get those pictures done for you just to be sure.

Just don’t market more than you are able to sell because the backlash on social media could be brutal. You can also share the Instagram image on Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Foursquare. The more eyes see it, the merrier.

To make things more interesting, you could offer a discount on purchases made by people who have your Instagram image. You could have a caption like: ‘to print the Instagram’ and that should at the very least get you more traffic.

  1. Offer free stuff to your customers in exchange for publicity

Your customers have much greater reach that you could imagine and they could be an easy means of getting more traffic and therefore more business to your online food portal. You could run a promo where you offer a free meal to an individual with the most likes on the shared Instagram image of your food.

The image will have to show clearly that it is from your food portal and the page visitors can then compete on who gets the most likes on their image. This will generate buzz about your food portal and definitely increase visitors and that should translate into customers.

These are proven methods and along with others, Instagram has been used to literally revive online food portals that had little traffic. It is an easy and relatively cheaper method than most of the others that are available (after all, you don’t have too much wiggle room in your expenditure right now anyway).

Whether you decide to involve your clients or just do it yourself, Instagram is the way to go to increase traffic to your online food portal and widen that profit margin for your business.