This Underutilized Tool is Destroying Your Conversions

As internet marketers, we go through tons of information when learning about how to make visitors convert. The problem is we tend to forget the things that matter most…

A lot of us revert back to what we know, and ignore the tactics that are most effective… And nothing is more common than forgetting to utilize this absolutely powerful tool.

This tool is responsible for creating strong visitor engagement, which turns a prospect into a paying customer. What is this tool? It’s called a unique selling proposition, which is better known as a USP.

The USP is not only a benefit, but it’s a benefit that will make your product stand out from every other product out there. It is the reason people will choose you over someone else.

It’s also not the easiest benefit to find out, most of the time. It can take some cold, hard digging to discover the USP, but once you do the returns on it are substantial…

So how do we uncover the USP for any given product?

We know two things about any effective USP…

First, it is a value placed on a product that offers a benefit different from any other product in a similar niche. This is the time consuming part… Because even if you already have a characteristic about your product that makes it stand out, you need to dig down deeper.

Connecting your product to a deeper benefit, and showing it to the consumer will create stronger emotional attachment, which will build stronger desire. Desire is a need, and we all know that needs sell.

So start digging into the original USP. Use the “So what?” method. If you don’t have a USP yet, begin with the benefit of the product. Ask yourself “So what?” to that benefit, and if you can answer, then you just found a deeper benefit.

But don’t stop there, keep asking yourself “So what?” You need to keep digging deeper until you can’t answer the question. This is going to be your deepest benefit, which will also be your USP.

This is the first step to creating an effective USP.

Second, to create a powerful USP, it must constantly be stressed to the consumer, to remind them that your product stands out.

It’s not enough to mention it once, then talk about something else. Whatever type of marketing you are doing, you must intertwine the USP in your message.

If you’re making a video or writing copy, then you need to keep coming back to the USP. Keep restating and reemphasizing the importance of it.

This is how you will get your message across to the consumer.

It may sound redundant, but this redundancy is what will create trust and build desire in the prospect.

These two techniques alone will build a powerful USP.

Go check out your current promotions… Read your material… Find the USP. If there is no USP to be found, then you aren’t getting the most out of your marketing.

Using the “So what?” method will propel your benefits to the next level, and you will stand out from the crowd because you dug deeper than the rest. Prospects will choose you, because you created a stronger emotional attachment with them.

This post was created by Richard Akhmerov, co-founder of the Devore Agency, a hybrid agency dedicated to copywriting for internet marketers.