Design Your Website Right: Top Tips for Newbies

Designing a website and getting it off the ground isn’t always an easy thing to do. After all, there’s so much competition out there that it can feel like you’re up against the whole world when you simply turn on your computer to get started.

However, designing a website doesn’t have to be an impossible task that keeps you up in bed at night. When you’re ready to get your first site or just a new site going, use these tips to help you. They’ll make your site look better, feel better for users and be more profitable in the long run, even if you aren’t selling anything directly.

1. Look at similar websites. No, you don’t want to steal anything from other websites, but people who do the same thing as you may be able to provide some basic information and give you an understanding of what readers and visitors want. For example, you may find that every site like yours features a menu of recent posts. Sometimes it’s okay to follow trends when they improve your readability.

2. Consider hiring a web design company like to help you get the most of your site. Always interview the web design provider you want to work with before hiring them to make sure you’re on the same page.

3. Don’t go crazy with colors and graphics. You likely want a simple site that’s easy to navigate and read. People are already oversaturated with information on the web, so make it easy for them to get what they came for.