Dig deep into your consumer: Reach out through social media

Social networking sites have radicalised the Global scenario in a drastic way that was unimaginable perhaps a decade or two ago. People from all age groups, the really young ones and even the oldies, billions across the globe are active ‘netizens’. No wonder an increasingly heard business advice that one may spare today is, to project the best possible online profile for your brand/company. The scale of a company’s online presence is synonymous to its outreach, popularity and consequently revenue. As easy as that sounds, most entrepreneurs go hay wire in putting their act together. If only one would bear some simple steps in mind, the results can get astonishingly pleasing.

The first and the most crucial step is to chalk out a clear picture of a few basic questions like “What are the needs of my business”, ‘What kind of sites should I be targeting?” and “Whose attention do I need?”

For example, if you are an online clothes retailer like Nordstorm.com, you need a very attractive and aesthetically pleasing projection of your brand through sites that may be greatly popular among the fashion conscious consumers. Facebook is one such platform which can be used to promote the brand by highlighting exciting offers and reasonable deals that guarantee a better shopping experience like the Norsdstrom Coupons or the Nordstorm Promo codes. It also requires the brand to get a little personal at times so as to relate to your consumers. Therefore, add more intricate details on your Facebook Page but know when to draw the line. Publishing too much of personal information may just backfire.

Once you have recognised a suitable platform and started off with a page or site, keep updating frequently. Try not to keep your page dead for more than a week. Upload your office pictures, behind the scenes videos and keep a separate section for new launch’s or new products or offer. Now if Nordstrom.com comes up with a new Nordstorm Promotional Code the site or page should flash it conspicuously.

Always allow a legit portal through which consumers can leave their feedback and queries. In fact in case of queries, have a mechanism to ensure speedy responses which may also be through Facebook wall posts and comments. Let the consumers run the conversation into various threads. Also keep posting fresh and interesting threads to draw more eyeballs and increase the number of visitors as well sustain the ones you already have. This is also a good way to keep your visitors updated about upcoming new events. But that shouldn’t mean all your posts should be sales related!

You may also talk about your sites uncommon features and prompt your visitors to try t through promotional portals.

And last but not the least, it is alright to try and put your brand at a pedestal but never make promises that are unrealistic and set up expectations that your brand probably does not live up to.

Because honest business policies are known to automatically ensure customer satisfaction and loyal following.