How To Boost Your Social Engagement With Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the most popular dashboard that helps in boosting social engagement of an enterprise or an individual.
Hootsuite handles the user’s social media interactions in different ways by being the:
• Managing multiple social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more
• Scheduling tweets and messages
• Tracking performance in the social media
• Analyzing the web traffic

Social engagement boosting with Hootsuite:
Hootsuite has many features such as responding to messages and comments in a single dashboard, ability to save common responses for future that saves time and share posts with the targeted customers. It also schedules messages, posts and tweets to be posted automatically at a later time. In addition, many applications are being developed from time to time that has enhanced the social engagement abilities of Hootsuite.

Using the Hootsuite Engagement API, one can easily draft, schedule and publish messages in different platforms from any data source and also organize the members of the social network team. This is add-on to Hootsuite’s core functions for social engagement. Hootsuite has an application directory that integrates many applications which can be added to the dashboard allowing the user to monitor various networks in a better way. More about the Engagement API is in

1. Some applications to manage the dashboard better:
A new application is the ‘Vidyard’ developed to manage all videos in the dashboard. This specific Hootsuite application helps sharing videos easily across multiple forums and also generates reports.

‘Apps’ when used in Hootsuite monitors Twitter, Instagram and a host of other applications and displays relevant information on the dashboard.

‘Hootsuite Campaigns’ is the latest addition that helps users to create and share exclusive campaigns for social media engagement like contests and sweepstakes with the objective to increase client interactions.

2. Using some tracking and monitoring tools:
‘Hootsuite Syndicator’ filters, monitors and tracks stories and posts that help to avoid same posts already shared.
Using the ‘Simple Sales Tracking’ tool in Hootsuite helps to track new leads, evaluate and project team sales and contacts.

‘Facebook Hashtags’ tracks facebook posts and stories and finds out what people are talking about on relevant topics.
‘Klout’ is yet another Hootsuite product that measures the influence of a social media user by allotting scores. This enables to track a relevant user with good Klout Score through the filtering feature in Hootsuite. This way, one can get an idea on the popular tweets and messages.
3. The Scheduling Tools of Hootsuite
With the ‘Bulk Scheduler’ of Hootsuite, a huge number of messages (up to 350) can be stored for future publishing in the different platforms. A step ahead, this application is programmed to support creating and organizing the worksheets, once all relevant details are filled in by the user. Scheduling tweets and messages helps to secure a continued and active social media presence by engaging the audience.

4. Some Twitter tools in Hootsuite
‘Twtrland’ helps know customers by displaying visually all relevant customer’s information that can influence the brand. This helps in engaging new users and retaining the existing ones by nurturing a better relation through the Hootsuite dashboard.

‘12Mass’ is another application that helps being more efficient and quick in tweeting about the brand to big audiences. It has many advanced features like ability to group similar messages and A/B testing of messages that helps in quick responding with scripted messages.
With the ‘New Followers’ column in Hootsuite the user can start following new people on the basis of what they are tweeting about. Any relevant tweets can be easily tracked and followed with this application.
5. Hootsuite Analytics Tools
The different Analytical tools and reports in Hootsuites make it possible to track and measure one’s own current status for optimum performance in the social media. The results of these reports can help to create better contents and strategies to improve audience engagement. Presently, there are fourteen analytics tools that can be used in Hootsuite. Few commonly used are YouTube Analytics, RankSpeed and Nexalogy.

Social Engagement is a global online communication. This global communication is made more effective with the help of Hootsuite. More about optimally using Hootsuite can be found in and