Living in the Mobile Era: 3 Ways to Retain Your Customers in 2014

Currently 56% of adults claim smartphone ownership, and the numbers continue to climb the younger you traverse. High school and college age kids, 18-24, their numbers rise to 79% and the next bracket of 25-34 year-olds top the list at 81% of people possessing these devices. From a business and marketing perspective, it is important that we keep a finger on the pulse of this growing market.

While many marketing strategies are focused on obtaining new customers, in our mobile age using today’s technology, we can easily and effectively reach out to our existing consumers. But why is it so important to retain the ones we already have? Simply put, it’s cheaper to keep ‘em. According to research, it is five-times cheaper to keep an existing customer rather than attempting to obtain a new one.

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Here are three ways that we can use mobile accessibility and technology to keep the customers we already have coming back for more:


Smartphones and hand-held devices have already made our daily lives less complicated and we can do the same for our business and customers. Consider a variety of ways that consumers can do business with us faster and more easily using mobile technology:

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Allow customers to order online
  • Give them a mobile payment option
  • Consider an app specifically designed for your business

Global giants like FedEx have apps that allow customers to track shipments, change destinations and do a variety of things that not only cut down on phone calls but also keeps their clients happy and engaged with their package deliveries.

Small businesses are also embracing apps as affordable solutions to some minor issues. There are both free and low-cost apps available that can help both you and your customer. Some can publish your breaking news to social media websites and others can help consumers locate your storefront and share your latest clearance sale prices.


One of the many valuable tools afforded through the use of marketing utilizing mobile technology is through the use of location-based notifications. Today, 75% of consumers use their smartphones to retrieve information that is relevant to their location, whether they need driving directions or they are looking for a great restaurant, we can use this information to discern their shopping and spending habits.

Retail giants like Starbucks, Kmart and Subway are already using shopping alert services to deliver advertisements to customers based on their location.

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Customers don’t need to feel that the client-business relationship only exists at the counter. Using today’s technology you can interact with consumers, guiding them, answering their questions and even entertaining them through their hand-held devices.

For example, United Airlines offers an app that allows you to check on your flight status, booking information, seat location and it will even let you see what the current rate is to exchange your currency in a foreign land. If you access their Twitter feed, you can play the  Sudoko game on your device while you are waiting.

Mobile marketing is not to be overlooked since you can use it to keep your customers engaged and your company’s bottom line intact. With the proper execution and utilization of these tools, mobile marketing will do wonders for your business.