Online Safety and SSL – What Do Your Customers Expect?

The online aspect of running a business is one of the most important things that a modern outfit of any size has to consider.

It doesn’t matter whether your web presence is aimed at selling products or services, making it easy for people to get in touch or simply being a virtual shop window to sing your own praises; the fact is that there is no denying online operational strategy is an essential element of planning for any commercial activity.

Customer worries

If you actually do direct business with customers then transactions that involve handling money or personal details will be carried out. This is where concerns about online safety can have a very real impact but the amount of scare stories regarding data losses and security breaches means that customers are savvier than ever before when it comes to divulging information.

Recent events such as the Heartbleed virus which led to major companies resetting passwords, brought home the fact that online transactions can be very risky indeed to millions of consumers.

Even the fact that credit card companies and banks have a generally good record when it comes to refunding sums lost through fraud doesn’t do much to set minds at ease – the inconvenience that comes from identify theft can be a lot more damaging that simply having to wait for a refund.

Expectations and SSL

Ultimately this means that consumer pressures force web designers and traders to make sure their security systems are up to scratch. This is why the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is so widely used.

SSL is a system that includes certificates issued to websites so that a browser can check their authenticity. In this way an end user can be sure that they have not been misdirected to a cleverly constructed fake website and businesses can protect themselves by purchasing relevant SSL security packages from experts such as

Extra encryption levels built in to the process also means that any data, such as card details and personal information, can be used online with the confidence that it is impossible for hackers to decipher it for their own advantage.

With simple visual clues such as a padlock symbol in a browser address bar changing from open to close to signify a secure site, the use of SSL is an easy and cost effective way to give customers a high sense of security and trust levels for your online business activities.