12 Hours of Fame – iZettle stunt spotlights small businesses in London

For six days in this past fall,  iZettle helped six small British businesses open their own flagship store on Britain’s most famous shopping street – for 12 hours each. Here is what happened:

One store, with six grand openings and six grand closings in six days on Oxford Street! You can see the iZettle stunt that helped business rebels reach success overnight:

iZettle’s main goal with the event was to remind business owners that even big, global brands that now do business on Oxford Street, started out as small businesses just like them. In this brand-obsessed world it’s getting harder and harder for small and new businesses to make it. Shopping districts around the world are dominated by big brands. But small business rebels, entrepreneurs, and nomadic retailers are fighting hard to bring their products to the entire world for shopping.

To show that iZettle is all about supporting these businesses, and helping them take on the fight, they did something no company has ever done before – they invited six of Britain’s smallest businesses to open up their very own brick-and-mortar store on Britain’s greatest shopping street. Each had 12 hours to make the shop their own and reach out to a new customer base.

Tom Hardless, founder of Iam Vibes, said: “Taking part in iZettle’s 12 Hour Store was a dream come true and I will never forget the 12 hours of magic and fun I had. The 12 Hour Store didn’t just give me a physical space to trade from, it gave me a huge morale boost.” Iam Vibes business made record breaking sales after participating in iZettle’s 12 hour store event. Every night a tireless effort was made to transform the store space to match each business, giving them everything they needed to compete with the big brands. The iZettle payment solution was the only element that stayed the same for each business taking over the space. During the six days shoppers had the chance to discover a new, unique, and exciting brand each and every day. And it became a great success quickly! The foot traffic, buzz, and response was huge. The six small businesses encountered results beyond their expectations.

About iZettle

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