How Do You Know If A Website Is Trustworthy?

Internet has transformed all the online tasks like communicating, shopping and searching for information. While the internet world brings a lot of opportunities, unfortunately there are some websites that are involved in scamming customers for making more money. Unlike the real world, where you can touch and feel the product you are paying for, there is no way of confirming the authenticity of a product that you are buying online.

A wide range of people fall prey to internet scams every year. As a result of this it becomes extremely important for the customers to know of a particular website is genuine or not. If you have this knowledge, you can avoid yourself from becoming the next internet scam victim.

Websites that accept card payments online are responsible for ensuring that their customer information is protected. However, as a consumer, it is your responsibility as well to make sure that the website where you are entering your important and critical information like name, address, credit / debit card details is a safe one.

Have a look at the points mentioned below in order to determine if a website is trustworthy or not:

Check The Website URL

Face storefront websites are created by some scammers based on the themes and features of the famous websites. They make sure that the fake websites looks exactly the same as the original website. If you are not careful, you might end up flushing away your money straight to the bank account of the scammers. Before buying anything online, check the website URL, especially if you have landed on that URL through an email link or through any other external website.

Check The Contact Information

Law requires every business to include sufficient and real contact information on the website. Lack of sufficient contact details throws up red flags. It’s good to mention an email address in the contact information and it is even better to mention a phone number. If the customer is unsure about the company, he / she can always pick up the phone and call them. However, you need to be cautious even if the number is mentioned because you might get to converse with a representative but that does not confirm the trustworthiness of the website.

Check The WHOIS Records

WHOIS records show the registration records of a domain name (web address). Every business needs to enter legitimate contact information while registering a new domain name. WHOIS record of every website is public and it can be found through online databases.

A real business will mention sufficient contact information in the WHOIS record. Ideally, company information should include street address, email address and a phone number. Some domain owners prefer to hid this data behind proxy privacy, this is apt for personal domains; however, a business should not hide its information in the WHOIS record otherwise it won’t be considered as a trusted one.

Go Through The Terms & Conditions

It is compulsory for every business to have terms and conditions on the website. The terms and conditions should clearly specify the terms for product delivery, refunds, cancellations and returning of product clearly. If you are not able to find the terms and condition easily on the website, you would rather stay away from such website.

Check For SSL Certification

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that is created for protecting critical information like credit card numbers and other critical customer information. The URL of an SSL protected website will start from ‘https://’ . Some advanced browsers like Google Chrome represent an SSL protected website with a padlock symbol. In case you are not able to find the SSL certification, be extremely careful about conducting any transaction on such website.

Look For Online Reviews

Lastly, before you shell out your money, check for reviews of the online retailer. Even though the occasional negative remark is nothing to worry about, constantly bad reports of the online retailer indicate that you must move ahead with caution. Check the business ratings of the website through independent organizations like BBB (Better Business Bureau).


It is crucial to protect yourself from online scammers and cheaters because you are going to spend hard earned money in the online purchase. Keep yourself away from the offers that sound too good to be true and from the online retailers that do not share their contact information. As far as possible stick to the trusted online shopping websites and retailers even if you have to pay a slightly higher price for the product / service.

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